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Is this really a blank document? Just sitting open for me? How apport=priate. I should always leave myself a blank document. 11 times out of 10 I end up writing.

Yoooooooo so the time is 10:47 and I am writing to you from MTCR. It’s pretty darn busy here! Idk what yall think about the V, but I’ll tell yall that after being in Florida for a year and having it not affect me, I’m not really sure what to think. Knock on woody tho.

Okay, anyway. I ordered a doppio and a scone this morning…already getting stoned ~ now getting sconed. And this dude…whom I’m not sure to have seen before, gave me my scone in a plastic box, and he told me that it was better for the environment than a bag because all their plastic is made of corn…but it says right on the box made from recycled plastic bottles. I feel like that dude might even be high up in the company, because I feel like I’ve seen him come in and out of here in street clothes a lot.

He gave me a plastic box! Wtf haha. This was a lesson though, because I always get my scone in a bag…to save the people some work. You think about the paper just fading back into the earth, right? But I’m not so sure that that’s how it happens. In fact, I just published a new YouTube video last night about, and I thought it was going to be broken up into three parts, but it didn’t end up that way. Actually, I should go in and edit that video a little bit ~ lit the description and stuff.

I think it’s cheaper to go to Ihatov than to come here, by $1. But the espresso here is better, and the scones aren’t necessarily better there. What’s nice about ihatov is the half-priced bakery in the morning. It’s not cheap enough for the homeless, but it’s still half-priced.

What else did I want to talk about today? I need to just start posting lil quickies, so that I can get my other stuff done like hashing out this ytv.

I’m in the process of being able to accept the BAT [basic attention token] direct from within the Brave browser.

OH MY Finally I am done editing that video. I madea  thumbnail too and it took forever…wayyyy overkill. I’m going to hire people to do some of that in the future. Maybe I will even hire a video editor. My coworkers seem to think I’m going to do pretty good. Somehow I have to remember to like…do normal waiter stuff. When I’m anywhere, I’m just chillin haha. It’s hard for me to be in the proper zone at work, but for the money, I think I’m going to be able to figure it out. I’m already fairly good at the job. Last night for the first time I told one of my coworkers that I don’t have any serving experience. By now it’s obvious that I know what I’m doing. I’m not an exceptional waiter…and I’m not sure that I am going to be. BUT I think I’ll make pretty good tips because I’m an exceptional people person. I spit a [bad] freestyle rap to one of my tables last night. It was pretty bad haha, but it was pretty fun. I’ll get better. And I’ll probably rap to a lot of my tables. Yeah. I’m hoping to make pretty good money. And then…be smart as fuck with it. I can’t ignore the fact that I need a car tho. AND OH MY Ant is going to be here tonight! I forgot about that haha. Oh my. I’m pretty excited about her arrival. At the same time though, I’m deep into this new job, so I’m not sure how often I will be free while she is here, and this job isn’t very easy for me because, well, I’m getting frailer, but you know, even in my everyday life I do too much before work…like today. I don’t need to drink espresso everyday, and in-fact, I think it’s probably pretty bad for me. In the anxiety sector, at least. My house is dirty asf, and I was supposed to clean it prior to her arrival haha. I took the garbage out, but that was it. The shit was stinkin’ fosho. It was grody. It still is grody, but now it’s outside in a can.

WHOA I just read that someone minted ALL the crypto venetians! That’s cray cray. A hacker, or perhaps an employee haha. Can you imagine that. You’re a coder working on an NFT team, and as they become worth a lot of money, you hacker the platform and send yourself ALL the assets. Hahaha. What a fuckin world we live in. If I could hack…I might be a worse person. We will never know. But I’d like to write a story about a hacker someday. Oh boy oh boy do I get excited at the idea of creating a character and a novel around them. But…I always feel like I’m waiting for more free time or something. The answer it, that I should just start now. But that means giving up writing this blog! And spending my time on the story instead. I think that’s okay. I think that that’s probably what the people want. You, being the people. OKAY I’mma publish this and hit the road to my house. It’s 11:42 and I gotta leave for work at 13:30. It’s quite a thing. I show up hella early cuz I change my clothes in the bathroom. It’s just too hot to walk that whole bih in pants, 5sho. Okay. But ~ I’ll catch you soon. Peace!

x. Spark Twain