MTCR w/Ant

The time is 09:51 and I am writing to you from MTCR.

Now the time is 10:00 exactly. Ant is sitting across from me! She got here last night ~ just in time to pick me up from work haha. I’m not sure how long she is going to stay in Albuquerque, but I figure at least two weeks.

And if that’s not exciting enough ~ Today is going to be my first shift as a server. I’ve been doing pretty well, I think, by myself. I’m going to fuck a couple of things up, but I’ll probably still do pretty well. This could be the best job I ever had. Ant said she made a lot of money serving in Florida too, and I’m pretty sure even that’s how she was able to go on this journey and come to visit me from Florida [that’s not all she’s done, or going to do though].

We both drank espressos, and I’m a little bit sweaty after that haha. For my server evaluation I’m going to wait one of the managers of the restaurant. I’m a little nervous, right, because I haven’t totally memorized all the sides and everything, but I think I’ll still do alright.

Ant and I just had a conversation about selling concentrated kr8 ~ that you dab. I met this guy that sells it, and I’m thinking that hella people would buy it if it was packaged correct. I’m not sure how we will move forward though. Well, kind of. I guess it’s a lot of work on my end. The more I move into the realm of reality, when it comes to opening a business, I’m realizing that it’s not going to be possible to meet someone that shares my exact vision. So, I both have to prove that what I believe in will work, and I have to be willing to make sacrifices and change a couple of things also, otherwise I won’t be able to get funded. And getting funded…is required. I’m getting the team, and the plan, and then I’m going to send the emails. Uhh, and for now, I guess I’m going to go get food or something. We drank espresso, but I’m going to need to eat food before I go to work too. And we have to leave by like 13:10. Which is 3 hours. That’s a generous amount of time. I’m ready! Here we go!

x. Spark Twain