First Day On

I’m so happy to be getting involved in the NFT and Crypto community. How did I not get more involved with this in 2017? I spent 3 years living in San Francisco ~ potentially the crypto capital of the world ~ and I didn’t even buy 1 fucking Dogecoin the entire time I lived there. Ha! NOT THIS TIME, HINDESIGHT!

Ant is laying on my bed, sleeping sideways. I imagine she is tired after traveling for months.

Myself? I have to work in about 3 hours. I’m a little nervous, but I’m always that way before I go to work. It’s why I am so adamant about starting my own business.

Today I have my server evaluation and then tonight, probably, I’ll be serving tables by myself! It’s totally possible I walk out of that building with $300 in cash tonight. It’s also possible I make $80 in creditcard tips ~ although I’ve been told I’m pretty much guaranteed $200 on a Saturday. I’ll probably have…like 20 tables, or something. It’s a 6.5 hour shift! Weekdays are 5 hours of serviceable time, and weekends are longer. Mornings…nobody seems to like mornings; and I’m pretty sure they enjoy my presence, because I’ve got nothing but nighttime shifts on the schedule.

Honestly, I think it’s going to be pretty easy. Everybody tells me the job is easy haha, and I’ve been basically doing by myself for the last 2 days. Thursday got intense when I helped out in the Cantina, but I think they will start me off in someplace more chill then that. I’ll really think they like me if they start me off in a different room than where everyone has said I will start. Ha!

Okay, Ant woke up, and we’re going to hangout a little bit before I go to work. Peace!

x. Spark