Reinstation Proclamation

Tomorrow they resume the mask mandate in New Mexico, and I’ve thought about just going back to Florida haha. Travel has become integrated into my life so heavily, that I understand myself to be able to get up and go ~ from here to there ~ literally anytime and for any stupid little reason my heart desires.


So, for those of you that know me, you know that I made a pretty penny with crypto between January and April. It was that gainage that allowed me to move out here to Albuquerque. You know what I wish? I wish I would have stayed in Florida, kept to myself, and dove way more into the crypto community. In fact, I could literally just go back there and continue my journey. NM is going back into lockdown…which could last…all winter. Right? I mean this could seriously last all winter.

So, what I want to do ~ need to do ~ is put myself in a position to make a lot of money, and invest the shit out of it. Fuck the past, man ~ at least dwelling on it. What I’m thinking is this ~

I’m 29, not 19, but I’m treating myself like I’m 19. That means I’m taking the chances, and I’m not staying stagnant. When I was 19 all I did was Percocet and sleep and rap and deliver pizza. This time around? I’m going to wait tables, sleep, invest with crypto, and create art on the blockchain ~ all while gaining more knowledge.

My main interests are in $whale && $LTC. Seriously! I think Litecoin is going to go parabolic and jump from $200 to $2000 in a period of 2 months. Hopefully not the next two months haha. Hopefully November and December. I actually think we could see LTC at $3000 by Christmas, and ETH at 12k and BTC at…180k? Something like that. Those are the Spark Twain predictions, which are definitely not financial advice.

I’ve been thinking about getting a second job, I guess. This whole thing is going to simmer down haha. But not for another year or two. This is perfect for me. I’m in the prime of my fucking life! And the world is literally slowing down just for me.

Probably for you too. Just depends on how you look at it.

Ant just arrived!

The time is 11:04. I’ve been poking around on the internet for like 20 or 30 minutes looking at stickers haha. I’m starting yet another project. Isn’t that crazy? I mean 5real ~ Isn’t that crazy! What I’m planning to do is create a location in the metaverse, because for me, that’s the cheaper thing right now, and then sell stuff in the metaverse that can be brought into an IRL location and exchanged for a real life product or service ~ in my case, it will be a product.

This espresso was hella strong and it kicked my ass. Normally I would probably get my stuff together and start walking home about now, but since Ant is here, I’m going to stay. Although I can’t really believe how much this espresso fucked me up haha. Not cool! I’ll be good by the time I go to work though.

I just put my hoodie on because I am quite cold. I can feel my eyes adjusting with the caffeine haha. Yesterday I had asked Ant if she wanted to do anything this morning, but we never decided upon anything. And in actuality, I wanted to wake up at like 6am and go get coffee, and then walk back at like 09:00 and wake Ant up.

Although I was awake at 07:00, I ended up just going back to sleep, which is okay I guess, because if I slept more, then I probably needed more sleep. Still, however, I wish I had stayed up and switched the schedule. Then we would probably be out doing something fun.

On my way here I was in a pretty bad mood, but I decided that I would continue on and if my mood stayed bad, I would just avoid writing haha. Yall understand, right?

With the mask mandate coming back on Friday, I’m really thinking about heading back to Florida and getting a job on the beach. Idk. I should have gotten my license back instead of moving to ABQ, but at the same time…look at me go! Not a motherfucker on Earth can tell me I didn’t experience life. I’ve been thinking about that a lot as I continue to tell my coworkers abut my life, and they tell me what a strange story it is that has me ending up at The Bean. Okay. My hands are going crazy and I need to stop typing. I gotta quit with this espresso!

Yo! And I really didn’t even write about Ant. I wanted to tell you about our friendship, and her family and stuff. I will, I promise. Don’t hesitate to find me online and remind me!

x. Spark Twain