Epic Morning!

The time is 09:05 and I am writing to you from Ihatov Bread && Coffee. I feel quite amazing this morning. There is mucus in my system, and I wish it would leave.

I can’t believe how Americans just accept sugar and cheese into their life. I ordered an Oatmilk Matcha Latte, and how much you wanna bet they added sweetener? Let’s find out. No! They didn’t! How amazing. Most of the time when I buy an oatmilk matcha latte [I’ve done this only like 5 times] they add sweetener. It’s like yo ~ Ariana did that, so we ain’t gotta go through that.

I slid into Epic Dylan’s Crypto Chat this morning. They called me the special guest ~ and then I spit a freestyle rap and they were joking about using it for their intro. Honestly, I would be so honored.

Me? I’m a Web 3.0 kinna guy. If you wanna get like me, you get involved with $WHALE && $PAGE. Of course you also diversify with a lil ADA, BTC, LTC, ETH, and why not a little WOW to spice it up [I’m talking about the defiant DOGE, of course]. But ~ you know what I did last year? I took everything I had and I invested it into a fucking blog. If I had invested in BTC, I’d be wealthy. If I had invested in my own crypto project, I’d be rich. I could have bought 3 bitcoin and then backed my own project ~ smdh. Still though, I’m planning to run it up.

This is backwards from what I should really write. Over the past two week I felt things I’ve been trying to feel for a long time, and I’m not going to feel bad that I let another person jumpstart me on that, instead of myself. At the end of the day…I’m still going to be Spark Twain, and I’m still going to be interested in the things I’m interested in. But I also think yall are about to follow me into the depths of spirituality and self-reliance.

One time I quit drinking alcohol ~ basically without any help. && then I went to India alone, because I wanted to prove to myself that I could.

I’ve been selling the dream my whole life ~ I’m thinking I can sell NFT’s.

Do yall catch the crazy amount of JAY-Z quotes in my blog? Or should we call him Sean Carter? I mean, this context is different. But forreal ~ there’s two Sean Carter quotes in this post alone.

OKAY! T-45 minutes and I’m going to be hosting the rap cipher right here. Come join! Or you can find the link through the links page on my Instagram too.

For me? That’s all. Now I’m going to walk back home and rap. I don’t have any kratom, and honestly…I don’t feel so god about it haha. BUT Maybe I can pick some up on the way home, that would be nice. Until soon yall!

x. Spark Twain