Hashmasks + Cunning Foxes + $WHALE

Three years years and two months ago, I quit drinking alcohol. When I first started that, things were pretty good. I was saving money and building credit. These days, I’m starting to wonder where tf I went wrong haha. I’m happy, and that’s what is important, but I’ve been trying to build…something…for at least two of those three years, and I am starting to see that whatever I am doing, obviously isn’t working.

Over the last 4 months, my life has been improved much as I have started getting involved in the crypto community. There is this platform called Cipher Media, and they have been my introduction. The owner of Cipher has a Crypto Punk. Can you believe that? I happen to know how much he paid for it, and it makes for an incredible story. It also gives me a little bit of anxiety and fomo haha. He just happened to be ahead of the curve on that. Any person ~ you, me, or our grandma’s ~ could have afforded a Crypto Punk last year. I promise. But now? It’s out of reach forever. 

ME? OMG You know me ~ I’m 29, but I’m living like I’m 19 haha. I think I’m going to leave ABQ in the next several weeks. I’m not at a good place, and I’m going to continue to be here unless I make some major switchups. Besides, after here I’ll just be moving back into my Dads, which is nice because of the free rent, and of course I will miss out on a lot of the freedoms that come with having my own place, but in the 4 months I’ve lived here I haven’t once brought a girl back to my house, and besides that all I’m worried about is not having a “free space” to make rap music where I feel comfortable saying whatever I want.

The other day I sold some NFT’s and suddenly had $2000 in my acct. I didn’t handle it well haha. I’ve only got 0.04Ξ left. It’s pitiful. What I have to show for my spending is ~ the domain kavabar.eth, 1799 AMP, 3 Cunning Foxes NFTs, and…oh, and I was late on my rent, so I paid the rest of that off. And before I bought those foxes I could have paid for next month! But now I’m pretty fucked haha. I was actually planning to keep it together, but then my landlord said he didn’t expect me to have the money in 5 days, so…then I guess I took that as an invitation to purchase NFTs. I really only planned to purchase one, just so I could get in on the PFP wave ~ I make hip-hop nft’s, so these PFP projects are relevant for me ~ but then once I saw an NBA player purchased a Fox and make it his Twitter PFP, I figured they were about to go up in value and so I FOMO’d in about bought two more ~ two that are actually quite a lot more rare than the first one. And yesterday…I wrote about this but never published it…I wrote about all of this haha…~~~But yesterday, I discovered that I don’t have enough Ξ to post my Foxes for sale on OpenSea. Bahahaha. This is okay. I could obviously move a little bit of money around so that I was able to post the listings, but…I think these Foxes will increase in  value over the next several weeks, and rather than pay to post them now, and then have to wait 2-3 weeks on a sale [maybe], I’ve decided that, when the floor [cheapest available] is at 0.3, then I will consider selling my other two. I think after the wave comes and goes, these Foxes will still hold value. They have done everything organically. When they first came out, I thought they were kind of…dumb? I thought cunning? Yeah, cunning because you think you can take my money. But now I think different. If I had gotten in at the begining, I probably would have gotten fed up and sold before the wave hit [it’s hitting rn]. So, perhaps this is destiny. OMG I’m going ON about these Foxes, and I actually have much more important things to work on.

So ~ anyway ~ here’s what I’ve got to say. 1: I wish I had taken that .6Ξ I made and invested it into $WHALE and started my own Liquidity Pool for $WHALE. That is still my plan. I want to get out of these foxes over the next several weeks, and move whatever Ξ I recieve into $WHALE until I have $1300 worth, and then I am going to start my Mining Pool. I’m going to spend a little bit more time looking into how that will actually pay…it might just be like $20 per month or something, idk, BUT I really believe that $WHALE is going to go way up in value. It’s worth $20ish right now, but I could see $WHALE shooting up to $200. They have a vault of 250,000 NFTs! Like wtf? Why did I buy 3 NFTs when I could have invested in $WHALE and gotten exposure to a quarter million of them? Exacty. So..yo…I’m getting there! Okay. And now, I’m going to work on some stuff involving the Hashmasks. I’ve landed a meeting with one of the developers of the project, and I’m going to pitch a story and try to recieve funding for it…or something. I’m not really sure what is going to happen. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to ask for funding haha. And this whole time I’ve been working on a comicbook idea, but I’m starting to thing an actual book would be better for this particular thing. Hashmasks look crazy, and it might be easier to portray then in a text-heavy environment. 

Uhh…so, yeah. That’s what I’m going to do right now. I’ve been supposed to have done it haha, but…well, I mean, I’ve put a lot of thought into it. But like I said I was working on a comicbook most of the time. Now? I’m thinking a full length novel, or perhaps a light novel, is the way to go. I’m going to tell this dude the truth, which is that if there is money invovled, I’ll be there ~ but it’s hard for me to stay motivated without seeing the money first, because up until this point, I’ve never gotten paid for any of my ideas haha and I think this is because I don’t protect them as well as I should. I’ve even changed how I speak to people over the last several month, being less enguaging because I don’t want to tell them my thought about the future, because I know I could easily charge for my knowledge and since I can’t figure out how to do that, I figure I should at least stop spreading it around for free haha. Plus, it just gets disheartening. I’m not sure why, but I think that will be different once I set myself up. I’m going to try and keep my head down and work hard until my birthday. Of course I plan to keep posting to this blog, and in fact, I think that me posting to this blog is a good sign that I’m on track. WORD UP! PEACE from MTCR ~ 090221+0714.

x. Spark Twain