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Quit My Job ~ NFT’s Are Life

The time is 08:55 and I am writing to you from Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters. I’m going to host a virtual rap cipher this morning in the Cipher Media Discord. It’s going to be off the chain! Literally, but the tracks we release are on chain! Ain’t that crazy?

DAMN! I knew that if I turned my internet on, I would get distracted…and that’s exactly what happened! In 55 minutes I’m going to be hosting a rap cipher inside of Discord. I do this every Friday ~ but the point if that I just spent 10 minutes sucked into the internet.

Yesterday, I quit my job. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I definitely don’t feel bad. Everytime I went in there I could make $100, about…but that still isn’t enough to draw my attention. My problems will not be solved by having more money. I need some to live, yes, but I really just need to control how I live before I am ever able to accelerate in life. It was taking me 2 hours to get to work, and then I sometimes would have to stay at work and extra hour, or go out to the club with someone if I was trying to catch a ride. Granted, that hadn’t happened but once ~ but I felt more coming. Just decided to nip it in the butt. The only feeling I have about it, is that I feel bad for leaving that team of people high and dry. The guy who got me hired is one of the team leaders, and I bet he doesn’t think very highly of me for not showing up haha, but at the same time…that’s a shitty place to work bro. It’s money, yeah, but everyone there is getting all fucked up or they have their shit together haha, but I’m just saying I wasn’t compelled to go in yesterday, or the day before. It started with me not going in on Wednesday, for which I knew I wouldn’t get fired. Then…I didn’t go in yesterday, because I didn’t find it worth my while.

What am I going to do?

Become a marathon running. Well, kind of. A marathon runner probably would have finished out the week and then limited their schedule. But like I said, it was taking me forever to get there, and as much as I’d like to think I am able to get stuff done on the bus, I never did. Still never do haha.

So…I’m going to go back to Florida next month. I’ve been debated just packing up all my shit and leaving in the next 2 days. I would have $750 on rent, which right now…is a sizable amount for me. Honestly I have some serious regrets about buying these Foxes. I got paid this morning, and now I have $400 in my bank. Plus I have 1800 AMP tokens, and 0.04Ξ, and like $20 in cash haha.

You know what though? I honestly believe that if I plan and attack right, I can succeed doing what I love. I’ve come to terms with the act that I will be getting a job when I move back to Florida. I’ll probably get a job on the Beach so I can make better tips. Or maybe I’ll work at a Country Club or something. I am super good at dealing with snobby rich people…because I pretty much act like one, except I’m the coolest mf you’ll ever meet. I’m ain’t perfect, but damn I’m good.


I’ve considered started a Podcast about NFT’s and Crypto.
I’ve considered starting a blog about the same.
I’ve considered going in ever further on my hiphop nft game and try doing more live shows to promote.
I’m definitely going to be getting as involved with the Hashmasks as I possibly can ~ Nothing has happened yet, but there are things in my head which I can’t write about, and I’m going to manifest manifest manifest.

The Podcast is pretty much the most solid idea I have. I’m super sure that if I do that, and I practice consistency…I will succeed. Thinking to build a podcast studio at my fathers house, and then do the whole thing and put it on YouTube and put It on Spotify and whatnot. I really love the blockchain space. I love the addiction recovery space too, but…ha!

I’m not going to repeat history!

In 2020 I moved into my fathers house, with some savings, and my intent was to write a blog until I generated 10,000 page views per month and then run advertisements and turn that into my income, and then take it around the world with me.

Same Spark ~ New Game!

I’m going to do the same fucking thing again. I’m going to move into my Dad’s house with a small amount of capital, and I am going to flesh out a project and then go HAM on it. Kind of the same concept. I’m thinking that a podcast is the way to go. When I talk, people listen ~ this is a cold, strange fact.

Plus now I’ve got some totally radical connections in the Crypto, NFT, Blockchain space…and I could get them all as guests on my show…plus I want to help introduce artists I know irl to the NFT game. I have a lot of ideas for the NFT space. Fuck homie…podcast gotta be it. I might change my mind? But it’s like…I’m mostly focused on YouTube, actually, but then to have the same episodes available on YouTube + all streaming platforms? That would be the litty. And I can sell all the episodes as NFT haha AND…yo. It’s gonna be lit. I’m gonna do it. I just kind of came up with this plan last night. You see? I’m kind of a scrub for not going into work, I’m not gonna lie. But when I wrote my blog, I never stopped showing up! I never stop showing up for myself. I’m sorry to all of my previous employers, to most of which I have stopped showing up. I can only hope my businesses do not suffer from bad karma because of this. However…it feels more likely that I am the Karma Dealer…cuz that’s the vibes.

x. Spark Twain

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