Little Bear NH 091021

For some reason I wanted to make a list last night.

Maybe it was so I would remember to pray. The other day my friend messaged me to focus on your breath, and say a prayer. Which sounds more devastating than it really was haha. There was more ~ you get that out of context.

But then…I’m not sure that I did. I guess prayer isn’t as easy for me as I want it to be. Gotta have a clear mind for prayer, I think. Best for me to do it in the morning, but then, I didn’t this morning. I didn’t even think about it. I didn’t think about it until now.

I’m listening to 808’s and Heartbreaks on shuffle while I write this. Normally I don’t listen to anything while I write, and honestly, it’s not so easy haha. I’m going to turn it off!


The music is off. Actually that was quite intense. I just be jamming music every day, day in and day out, and I want to catalogue my days differently so that I progress into the day, instead of jumping right into it like I often do. Maybe I’ll still jump in on Saturdays or something. Idk. I might not even do that; it’s just a thought.

Hmm. Yeah. Actually, now that I am thinking about it, I have a lot to get done. I was talking to this guy last night about creating a book out of one of my blog posts, and he told me that I need to just get it together and type set it and ext. which I don’t know what the italicized part means haha, and I still don’t. I’m not much of an author, am I? Someone is doing mad burnouts out there haha ~ I hear in the distance. The time is 08:03 am in Albuquerque New Mexico.

I’m pretty high, and wasting a sizable amount of time analyzing the closing scene from 2010 A Space Odyssey. It’s creepsters forsure haha.


The time is now 08:56 and I am writing to you from Little Bird Coffee in Nob Hill. I really was thinking that I should review some of these coffee shops for YT before I leave the city. Might still.

Or maybe not ~ fuck that.

Haha. I made myself a spread sheet which spans the next year, with 2 slots for everyday. The only thing I have put into it so far is the Metaverse Music Festival on October 29, 30, & 31.

But I want to fill the planner in. However, I start many-a-thing that I don’t finish. Rap, I do forsure. And I write the ish out of this blog.

There is dog groomer next door I guess, and it’s kind of fun to watch the Dogs walk around haha. I’ve never sat where I can see them before. All the way at the end of the bar. It’s not a big place. Rn it’s too warm to be sitting outside. I guess…I guess, I think that most people would say that this place has a better interior, and Michael Thomas has a better patio [or, set of patios], but I started my time at Michael Thomas ~ like, hella time I went there, and so it’s my all time fav.

Oatmilk latte + everytime. That’s what I’ve been doing. And sometimes matcha. I used to only do dbl esp.

This oatmilk latte is making me think I’m hungry. I’m not prepared to buy a burrito here. I’m not really sure what they cost even, to be real. There are not too many people here, but the place is known to fill up! Almost everytime I’m here it’s a packed house.

Okay. I’m going to move onto something else. Like…really, I guess filling in my calendar more, and then…damn, yeah. Writing stuff. I’m gonna sail the ship with a chipset.

x. Spark Twain