September Slaps 1

The time is 09:07 and I am writing to you from Humble Coffee in Downtown Albuquerque. In front of me sits an oat milk quad shot cappuccino, yet my debit card got declined a mere 25 minutes ago while buying $6 worth of breakfast burritos. It’s incredible that you can get two burritos for $6 in this city, really. That’s the ABQ I read about on the internet haha, but I really hadn’t found it near Central Ave.  

I paid cash ~ that was the story on that. I’m broke as hell though, that is also a story. I have no money and three foxes, and something like 25ω [$WHALE] as well. I’m under the impression that going back to Florida will allow for me to be prosperous. We shall see. So far I haven’t moved very vigorously in the direction of leaving the city. Not my brightest hour hah. I would be doing better if I had only bought one fox! But then again…I do believe that the money will stay in the Foxes. I think Halloween will be a very heavy determining factor of the Fox Future. If we have a significant floor on Halloween, and then it continues to progress towards Christmas…be careful, because I think that shit might crash in January. Right after people get their Christmas money is when I’m going to sell my foxes. At least one of them…is it weird that I am attached to my foxes? And really, I think the number of desirable foxes is lower than on most projects, because I honestly believe the crack pipe and heroin needle foxes will be worth less [but not worthless].

This is my reminder to talk to Mikey about…nvm ~ I turned my phone on and just got it done. And actually, I forgot what I even told him.

No I didn’t.

I told him to check out #TheFoxPack, which is the hashtag for these fox NFT’s I own. In fact, I didn’t even really tell him to check out the hashtag haha, I just gave him the OpenSea.

So…I would like to speak as freely as possible. I’ve been considering getting another blog, preferably within web3, and then making it so I am totally anonymous, and I can write without ever having fear of people knowing who I am. I can write about things I may or may not have done that go against notions, and I can write…well, anything. Use your imagination! Haha; if I wanted. Alas, I don’t know if that is the route I am going to go. I would certainly ruin that secret haha ~ there is no way that, if that blew up, I could go even a day without telling people 😅.

Indy described me as on the streets, which is super true. I’m as gangsta as you’re going to find in the suburbs, and I don’t mean because I keep glicky on me or anything, I mean because I live my life orientated strictly to myself, and my number one skill is networking and communication. If there is one thing that qualifies being a gangsta over everything else, it’s the ability to communicate and advance within a decentralized network of nodes ~ each holding their own vital position ~ and if everyone is maintaining their node well, there will be no problems, and all gangsta’s involved will level up.


Omg I just spent so much time hunched over my phone it’s insane!

What’s otherwise quite lit, is that I keep laying down the most wicked of farts. This room is pretty empty, but there is this dude next to me, and I’m pretty sure he’s reading his own tarot cards? Which is something I do sometimes and used to do a lot more.

Recently I actually took two of the cards out of that deck and put them inside a picture frame, and those were my ladies for the Kava Bar setup I had. It’s a little bit sad to be leaving that behind here in Albuquerque, but…I guess, actually, I have other ~ significant ~ plans for that kava bar now. Kavabar.eth and are both mine. I’m planning to have the number one kava bar in the metaverse. I’d like to save up money and buy my own parcel within Crypto Voxels. In fact, I want to talk to Kin more about that. He a successful young man, well caught up in his own whirlwind. K5K is a nice guy, forsure and forreal, but it’s obvious that he is busy. If I can help myself a little more, I think he will be able to help me a lot, but I spend a lot of time asking him questions, and after I ask them I always think of myself being foolish for asking, because really he does not have time to answer these questions, many of which are either opinion or could be found out on the internet. Him and EZ are both quite busy, but I’m not exactly sure what they do haha.

I’m rather excited at the prospects of having my own on-chain kava bar. Actually, as I sit here, the idea expands. This would be a great way to give people out of the country ~ specifically all of my friends in VZ ~ exposure to an American business. I’d like to create a coin, that is actually backed by NFT’s and other cryptos AND a mining pool but mostly backed by the physical location[s]. Like, a real life kava bar that people can walk into, and we have only used the crypto to fund this venture, and then people who pay in our coin get a significant discount or something, otherwise it is just a good way for individuals to get exposure to an American business.

OhHhHh KaYy ~ what should I do today? I came all the way downtown…and now I’m like…thinking about going back uptown haha. For what? I always bounce around like this. And then I should probably edit this and put it online. I also need to really prepare for this move and then get the fuck outta doge. It’s looking like it won’t be for a week, even though I really wanted to leave sooner. I’m out of kratom, can you believe that? So now I have to wait until tomorrow to get some. I’ve been consuming so much of that shit, I can tell it affects my mood and stuff when I don’t have it. Probably not what cha want, but for me, it’s what cha have.

I also have one more burrito.

So I guess I’ll hit the road, eat the burrito, get home…almost certainly smoke a bowl…and then follow my heart. Yesterday I heard a song on an IG story, and I decided I wanted to find it, and I looked up “September slaps” on Spotify, and !BAM! I found the song. I need to live my entire life as fluid as that. I decided I wanted something, took my best guess at how to find it, and found it first try. When I know what I am looking for, it is easy to pounce with success…but when I don’t know? It’s a sloppy game, yall.

x. Spark Twain