September Slaps 2

The time is 06:33 and I am writing to you from MTCR. I was thinking to sit and write a little about Greek Mythology haha, but Sum 41 is playing on the radio, so then I was like fuck it I’ll just blog a little.

It’s September 13th, and can you believe I still do not know what I am doing? Yesterday I wandered around the city for a little bit debating if I wanted to get another job here and stay through the winter. A fools errand! What am I on? And then I also spend a lot of time thinking about the past ~ it’s not healthy.

This coffee might not be healthy either. Oh my ~ and then, I’ve spent the last two days really not drinking that much kratom. I mean, I’ve actually drank enough to make a normal person pass out, but it’s way less than I normally consume. This is just because the store is not open on the weekends and I forgot to go there! So, that is definitely effecting my mindstate, you dig?

Hella people on Discord ask about my blog. Well, not hella, but enough. This morning I woke up at 03:30am and then I decided to flip open my computer and see what Discord was like, because I actually fell asleep while the Sunday Cipher was going on. So, what did I find? I found 2 dudes hanging out in this server which I couldn’t remember why I Was apart of. That’s how it goes. I’m now apart of like 40 Discord servers ~ it’s getting pretty out of hand. And the other day I read an article that was titled Use Discord while it’s still good. Ha! Fuck. That does makes me feel too optimistic about the future. It makes me think that I should get nitro! Because I want to support the current Discord! Forreal. It’s nice. Pretty much…having that dancing Doge emoji is worth at least $30 per month, and I’m sure it doesn’t cost that much.

Hmm. So, what shall I do today? I’m really leaning into buying a ticket home! It’s like…why not. I’m not sure what I’m doing here…but I also won’t know what I am doing in Florida. I’ve considered that. It’s a likely scenario that I end up just focusing on writing when I get there. Will I be able to wake up everyday and write until this Greek Myth is finished? Hmm. It’s possible. More than possible. It’s a choice that, apparently, I haven’t leapt into. This morning I thought about just going to LA. Haha. That would be a disaster, but a fun disaster.

Just pulled a fresh bug out of my coffee, but I bet it would have been more nutritious to leave it in. For some reason that reminded me of one particular restaurant…or experience…in…wow I have it saved in my maps! Tom Mamuang Café & Dessert. That’s the name of the place. I suppose by the time you are reading this, that will have evolved into a hyp ~ er ~ link. B A M.

OR Batman…I can’t figure out which.

It’s inside the city of Ayutthaya, which was the original capital of Thailand until the…Mongals? Came and sacked the city in like 1650 of something like that. I visited this some of the wreckage that still exists there. It is beautiful. I will try to remember to include pictures.

What I am more interested in that writing Greek Mythology, is tailoring a book of my blog posts haha. I do like the idea of being in Florida because it will make it easier to get my license back! Forreal. That’s like…a real thing. I have…well, no. I have foxes. Haha. But before I had these Foxes I had enough moolah to get a car. Now I ain’t got all that. Honestly it would be cheaper for me to stay in this city haha, that’s a significant thing.

The time is 06:48 now. I’m thinking about eating a scone! How is that? Haha. It’s literally insane to consider paying $4 for that when you consider what it actually is. Like…scone. Getting sconed. I get sconed all the time. But, I will say, that these scones are like 400% better than the ones in Florida. It tastes like everyone in Florida uses powdered sugar. Which, although might taste better upon first lick, is definitely that worse of two bad options.

You and I never published what I had written yesterday. I’m thinking that I should include some of that in with this blog post. No? Maybe I will tailor that in right now, and then post…and then…most on to whatever is next! Definitely going to write more stuff haha.

x. Spark Twain