September Slaps 3

Living in the moment. Have I ever really worked to be better at it? On the contrary, I believe I can be quite good because I am rather practiced. But occasionally, I will get sucked into my own world and it is torturous.

Back-and-forth I bob between should I stay in this city or not. My landlord is hella cool, and that has me mesmerized haha. I’ve been thinking I will walk into this restaurant and apply to work there. Will I enjoy it? Actually, I have to try. In parallel I have been trying to envision what my life looks like it I go back to Florida. I literally have nothing. I just left my house with $4 in cash and $4 in change, and I spent 42% of that money on this espresso! Ha. I am not the wisest. Let me just…let me just take a second.

Can I go ahead and say that most of the people reading this blog have dark thoughts about their interaction with Bitcoin and Ethereum over the years? Haha. I was sitting at my house ~ well, first, I will say that I listened to a good 2 hours of ASMR today. This was after I had gone a full day without kratom. A full day. Have not done that in a while, and it’s probably not awesome that it’s a thing in my life, tbh, but I can’t tell you I am unhappy. Right now, actually, I might be a lil too turnt on kratom. I consumed more before I left my house, even though I knew it was not required. Anywhosawhatsit.


I’m picturing myself walking into this restaurant…and getting the job because they need people, and also because, well, I am a fantastic people person. However, I’m also considering that to be the determining factor on if I stay in the city or not. Wtf? I need to grab this bitch by the horns and wrestle it! I’ve written so many times on my blog that if you do not know where you are going then the universe will just suck you into wherever it needs people.

I forsure drank too much kratom. See what I do to myself? I pretty much knew that I was going to have this issue today however. I predicted it this morning. Im halfway in a moodle to hit the road and globetrot to the crib [literally just came from there]. I might have like…really drank too much haha.

My latest idea? Kava Bar Ethereum. KBE1. Who knows. The more I get into it, the more I wonder if “kavabar,” as generic as it is, is the right name for a hangout spot haha.

Hmm, but you know? I think I’ve come to notice that everything can be in a name, but it is not always that way. Ha. I feel like I have written that line before. You tell me!

So I want to setup this place in the metaverse, and then have it also be a place irl. I want to use Kava Bar Social Tokens ~ or whatever they shall be named ~ to fund a real life venture. There are a lot of people doing this! Forsure. But most of them were already winning before they started haha.

Hmm. Rapping, Writing my blog, Writing a story, fundraising on of my brainchildren.

Would you say that I live in the moment when I write this blog?

The time is 15:52 and I am writing to you from Satellite Coffee in the Brick Light district of ABQ.

B A M.

What’s on my mind? Many things.

I also conceived the idea to “be on 100 podcasts in 100 days” with the end goal being that I would start my own podcast. I have thought for a long time about doing more podcasts. I’ve done a couple, and I am quite comfortable with it, and my knowledge is well accepted, always.

Always with the new idea! All I need to do is dedicate to something…and go!

Seriously can’t even figure out if I want to leave NM or now. I guess, deep down, I don’t want to leave, otherwise I would just be on that shit, you know what I’m saying? And the fact that I am pretty much avoiding buying a ticket out of the city makes my think that my sub wants to stay.

However, If I am going to stay, I am going to need to find work. I’ve considered just, literally, trying to work at some grocery store or something. But there is no getting around the fact that working as a server pays oodles more. Oodles! So it’s like…yo! And then I started looking at the map of FL. I would hardly be in a better position if I went down there. I could work at that taco stand! Haha. If I got to keep the tips? That would be the bee’s tits! Yo ~ that might actually not be so bad. Or even just going down there and selling food without any help haha. NO! I’m a kava guy now!

If I leave this city, I feel like the chances of me coming back here and opening a kava bar are pretty slim. If I stay? I mean, why would I stay in this city if I wasn’t planning to open a kava bar?

It’s gotta be a whole thing.

I could go on 100 podcasts or whatever ~ I could go on ppls YT pages to, or even a retweet would do me quite well ~ do us quite well! I could do a publicity run, that is also a fundraising run! Like…okay, hear me out. I could head back to Florida…which, I guess I don’t really want to do, but I there are definitely possibilities to be unlocked there! So, I go back to Florida, and I organize a bunch of podcast interviews. I can just whip up an email and send it out to 100/1000 podcasts. And then my goal with these podcasts is to come out on the otherside with a successful venture. Like…a 100 day publicity run before you launch a new product, you know?

What is the product? It’s not my rap music! I already be online rapping all the time. All the time. It’s actually pretty fucking amazing. If I have this ten years ago…we’re not thinking about that.

It’s a good community I have become apart of! The Tokensmart and $whale people are fun && intelligent, and overall I’m leveling up by hanging around them. But it’s not a free ride to the top as much as I want it to be. I sold .6Ξ worth of music, and I was feeling so hot! It’s part of the reason I decided to stop going into The Bean, honestly. I’ve decided that that was a dumb thing to do. It’s unfortunate. I could probably…tbh I might even be able to get my job back there if I went back in, but It’s still going to be hella far from my house, so I have a feeling I would get fed up with it again.

What else can I do? Are there any jobs in the city that are in line with what I want to do?

What do I want to do?

Do I want to write books while living 3 blocks from My Khe Beach? Or do I want to get my hands dirty with a brick and mortar kava bar, which is basically a new concept, and at the end of those days I probably won’t have much time leftover for writing. At the end of everything, if I have never written a book, how will I feel? I’ve written a lot, that is something that can’t be jocked on. But with purpose? I almost do nothing with purpose! I kind of feel like I always let the universe suck me into wherever it “needs people,” as I put it haha.

I shouldn’t let a restaurant decide my fate in this city. If I want to leave, then I should leave, but if I want to stay then I should find a job so I don’t end up homeless haha.

I’ve thought a lot about what I would really do if I “came up” as it were. Like, if someone purchase my hiphop NFT for 19Ξ, which has 7 editions. What would I do? Would I just hangout in the city and keep paying rent, going out for espresso and rapping into my computer until the money was gone? Would I make a sudden and drastic huge change to my life? Would I open a business? I’d like to think that I would. Being that boss is actually quite fun, and when I was going out there and selling kava, I was living my best fucking life!

I’m positive that people feel my vibe, and they often want to vibe with me!

I need to turn that into fund raising. This is my thought. I’m pretty sure if I raised capital, I would open a successful business…and I would still just keep doing what I do now, but with less free time. I would still rap, and that would keep me sane, you know? But then if I had a way to work for myself…man oh man, I think a lot about this kava bar. But if you could have it be inside the metaverse as well, wouldn’t that dbl your opportunity for making money? Or…something like that. I was thinking about trying to sell NFT’s to raise money. 100 NFT’s at $1000 per, and then boom we open a brick and mortar, with everyone owning .04999% I would retain 51%. But then eventually I would give that to my employees. A DAO system…it seems so ingenious. I’m not really sure what direction to move in though…I have this heigherarchy of needs thing to worry about. I’m supposed to figure out in the next 12 hours if I’m leaving the city or not, and I’m like…leaving up to this employee to make that decision for me! Ha. Not the move. I’m so faded that I’m honestly thinking about just going home and chillin out/going to sleep. This piece of writing could be history if I actually dedicate to something. I dedicated to that ASMR blog, but that was movement in a wrong direction ~ it’s sad to say!

I’ve written almost 2000 words in the last 45 minutes, and I’m pretty sure…this is hella entertaining haha. I also think that this is what I should focus on! Like…trading my writing skill for a lil crypto? Yes!

I have an opportunity to do that right now, actually [idk if you read my blog or not…wait, don’t answer that], but I’ve been having a hard time getting in the writing zone. Many reasons. Mostly cuz I’m poor and not worried about the correct things haha. I’m thinking about getting a job, not writing a history piece of lit! SNAFU ~ That’s how it feels sometimes. I actually came down here so I could walk over to this place and apply to work there…not it’s 16:19 and I’m thinking I might just head out. Am I bad? It’s me wanting the best of both worlds, as if I’m going to call them when they open! I mean…I might ~ why not? But then, otherwise, if I’m not even going to walk into this place…I either need to find something or scoop my ticket up out this bih. Which is it gonna be?

x. Spark Twain