september slaps part 4 spark twain

September Slaps 4

The time is 19:29 and I am writing to you from my house in ABQ. There is a gentleman named Potts sleeping on my couch. He is a singer, and apparently he also spends a small amount of time making donuts. I am thinking about adopting this donut preparation to help support my lifeforce. Let’s face it ~ I need to own who I am. Which mean, not pretending that things are suddenly going to go vertical for me. I have to live in the real world here! The real world is that, without my father, I would probably starve to death this week haha. He, very specifically, supports me quite significantly. I own him a lot. He upsets me with the way he lives often, but still, he is kind, and I owe he an awful lot.

Lute Music for Alchemists fills the air upon this fine Monday morning. I was born on a Monday, you know.

So I’m thinking about making so friggin donuts! It’s like…is it going to pay as well as The Bean? No, certainly not. Also, if I make donuts, this will open me up to the possibility of consuming donuts. I have to just…make it a rule that I don’t eat and of the sweets where I work. Deal?

Oh goodness, I feel so flimsy about that promise haha. Like…I’m literally not sure if I could go 6 months working at a donut shop and not eat any of the donuts there. The mantra “you only live once, m*ther f*cker” comes to mind.

I’m thinking that I should be firm, and say that I only want to work 2 days per week. That’s it! Only two days! And then…that will literally put, like, $300 into my pocket every two weeks…hopefully. That is not enough to live, but at least it is something. It’s significant that I am not starting from zero, so if I had to offset $400 per month…boy oh boy ha, that would be hard. Wth am I thinking? Why haven’t I bought a plane ticket out of here? My goal in staying out here is to keep living in the moment. Making donuts 2 nights per week…it’s a start. It’s not going to be enough, but if I can get two days right next to each other, preferable Tuesday and Wednesday, or Friday and Saturday, then I guess I’ll probably start making f’kn donuts! So…what’s the plan otherwise? The time is 19:38, and this dude is sleeping on my couch…I’m going to smoke the rest of my weed, which is really a dumb idea, and then I’m going to just lay and think about life until he gets up and we both go into his work. I might start working at Dunkin donuts tomorrow. How whack would that be? Haha. But you know what, if someone had just been working at Dunkin Donuts from June 2017 until now, and then were putting all their money into crypto, I think they would have come out WAYYYY on top, right? And I’m already two dicks deep into the game here. I think the goal should be to stack $1000, and then start day trading with it, and maybe even record  these sessions…you’re talking crazy right now Spark haha. Don’t do that! Stick to the plan of a kava bar! That is a genius idea!

Maybe I work 2 days making donuts, and 2 days making subs. It sounds like such a miserable life, but tbh it would be worth it if I would just use my apartment right, and use it to fuck people haha.

On god, that is so true.

Okay. I’m going to…smoking that do weed thing wap now and flipmode capital P up in this bitch. ST OUT!

The Following Morning…

The time is 06:57 and I am writing to you from Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters. I have been considered what life will bring me based on various decisions. Have I…hav I posted anything in the past two days? I should just post all that ish right now. It’s the truth, and what’s better than that?


Okay, now the time is 10:50 and I am writing to you from Little Bear coffee in Nob Hill. Would you believe they let me pay in Foxes? They have this little thing at the register where you can scan you MetaMask, and then everyday they offer you something for free if you hold certain items!  Today was fox day…

I’m kidding. Wouldn’t that be awesome though.

I just felt my insides groove around a bit haha, not cute. You know what is cute? The foam atop an oat milk cappuccino. What is the different between a cappuccino and latte? Is it just that a latte has more milk?

YO! I guess I am going to hit the b-room, and I’m also going to bring all my stuff except my coffee…hit it!

Okat. The time is 11:03, and I have returned. MY computer is going to die. My computer is always going to die, at least as of recent. Hot DAMN the espresso here is so good. I’ve been in love with oatmilk cap’s recently.

So, here’s the question. What do I want to do. I want thinking of making a pros and cons list actually…I’m just gonna do it right here. Once I move outside the confines of this blog it’s hard for me to get things done haha. Not always…but far too much.

The pros of going back to Florida are: I don’t have to pay rent ~ the wages are higher ~ the weather is warmer ~ I will be around my family ~ not paying rent could be the difference between saving money and not saving money. There are other cons. My friends. I know a lot of people there. My dad has fiber internet and the Metaverse Music Festival is coming up!

The con are: ABQ has better coffee ~ I’ve already been to Florida ~ my Dad drives me crazy and idk why but I guess I have to just deal with it either way ~ it’s easier to get around ABQ without a car ~ I will no longer have my own apartment, which I think might have more of an impact upon my productivity and rapping than I realize ~

OKAY! I think that…as much as I don’t want to leave this city with it’s big butts and beautiful coffee…I have to go to Florida with it’s better butts and way-worse coffee. The water in Florida is not great…I think it’s better here in ABQ tbth.

Ugh. You know, this morning I was totally hyped on going to get a job at Cheeba Hut, but now it’s like…it seems like it would be dumb not to go back to my Dad’s and give it one more full on moonshot. I need to go there and bury myself into my work, and become 1000x more efficient…but since I know that that isn’t going to happen exactly like that, this means I need to find balance. I got back to my dad’s, and what does my first week there look like? I arrive, and then I setup my desk in the garage again. Hmm. What are all my crazy ideas?

  1. Start a daily morning show on Twitch
    • Hosted from “kavabar.eth” in the metaverse at
    • Interviewing people in the NFT and Crypto space about happiness
  2. Spend multiple hours per day on Twitter until I start selling my hip-hop nft’s
  3. Tarot Readings in the Metaverse
    • Get several people to come to MVMF and do reading, where I take 10% of every reading [or something]
  4. Reach out to many different podcasts and request to be a guest on these podcasts
    • Start building that name! Use the podcasts as a way to broadcast something. But I’m not really that proud of my ASMR project, so I don’t want to broadcast that. That is just for people who know about it or find it down the road
    • Rap on these podcasts and then have an efficient tipjar setup so you can perhaps receive compensation for these raps

I literally picked up and hit the road in the middle of making that list. Now the time is 14:24 ~ and it’s been 091421 for this entire document.

Okay…uhhh, so I guess I should finish me list, right?

I’m definitely going to Florida, this is something I have decided. And you know what? I need water. I’m here at this coffee shop…can you believe I went out and spent money again? I am pretty much not responsible haaa ~ except there is nothing funny about that.

Should I finish my list? What was I … oh! My crazy ideas! Fuck yeah

The way is in here [points to heart]. I’m just doing my best to follow that path!

I’ve been trying to visualize what my first day back in Florida is going to be like. Will I go out and find work? Probably not. However, I do think I will start mining $page coins…or something. I probably shouldn’t mine page. I should probably play a smarter move. In 2020 when I moved there, the move was just to buy BTC + ETH and way, but unfortunately I did something as dumb as buying Ford stock. Epic fail! Haha. But at least I tried, you know?

I have considered that I could go home and just work and save, but if I use my time better, I will grow from nothing. There are almost certainly more ways to make money online than irl haha, and I will access what it is I seek. I think I’ve written about how I’ve pondered what I would really do if luck struck me. The answer however, is that I need to keep working. The problem however is that I’m not working already! Haha. Hmm. What have all my ideas been over the years?

Before I left Wisconsin I had this crazy idea to start cooking pizza on a rock ontop of a grill, and then franchising it, so people would pay 3k to have the grill and use the name, and then I would just advertise. Might have worked ~ we will never know. Hmmm. Basically as far back as I remember is when I wanted to open a hostel. Once I got to Seattle ~ and especially after I settled into San Francisco ~ I realized that my dream in life was to open a hostel!

Shows you what kind of dreams I have.

The real kind ~ 20 seconds or less, ha!

Hmm. I guess I am going to…post this, and then walk to the store and buy some sugar of some sort, and consume it…really, actually, I need real food. I think my original reason for leaving the house was to buy substantial food! SNAFU occurrence was when I met Jonah getting off the bus. I see him outside; he is still sitting there.

I wanted to leave next Tuesday, but it seems like the cheapest flight I can get is Sept 28th. I could still walk across the street and get a job with the sub place haha. But…why do I think that that is a bad idea? In Florida…yo, haha, I just need to focus on the metaverse and these nft’s. I’m expecting that in 3 years my interest and in this space will generate me wealth like a 10-year interest in BTC.

Or, maybe that’s just what I am hoping for!

What do I really think?

I think that I need to follow me heart; follow my desires. I have to be more harsh on myself in some respects, and less harsh in other respects. The problem lies in that I can’t decide if I want to go tour Vietnam and become a famous rapper, or open a kava bar and work a job that satisfies my and pays the bills. Seriously! This is the only issue. Something that I have known for a long while that my weak decision making could, literally, be the death of me if I am not careful.

I’m trying to play it like chess, but I’m not sure that is the way to go. When I have followed my heart, great things have happened. My friend thinks the metaverse is an evil place, and she has told me that when we talk about it, and it makes me feel some type of way because I have a lot of respect for this person, and I definitely think that there will be a lot of bad things that happen as humans discover the metaverse, but I also think a lot of amazingly good things will happen.

Some signs point to that we are entering a crypto winter. I could live with that, I think. People are still going to show up and learn. Crypto is not the same as the metaverse, but they do both run on blockchain networks.

Hmm. Really, all I need to do is find a way that I can tie the metaverse to a reliable income, or, at least receive enough of an income to jumpstart something sustainable.

The idea of starting a virtual kava bar that is supported by an irl counterpart is…I mean it’s fucking gravy, really. I know some people that could help me bring that to life. I’m kind of thinking that I should spend time at my dads working on that idea. I think I should also work on my fictional writing prompt project, and I should keep rappin, and stay with the gas pedal on Twitter, and spend more time on Snap, and…omg haha ~ do a daily updates show for my ppl ~ bring more ppl into the metaverse festival, including setting up an irl station at my house where 3 or 4 people are streaming from. Try and get on as many podcasts as possible…Holy fuck, that list just goes on forever!

The scariest part is that I think I could actually do it…if I quit smoking so much weed!

Fuck Toast.

~ WhOa I just had another good idea ~ I should get some Asmrtists to show up to MVMF and do LIVE ASMR and then when you get close enough, you hear it. I’ve considered doing a whole metaverse this way. And then could give 100 asmrtists their own space, and then if they want they can divide their space it half, and give other artists the keys for certain times during the day. I have big ideas haha.

x. Spark Twain