Prerequisite Equinox Ramble

Prerequisite Equinox Ramble

The other day I was watching this video from EdiyASMR, and she was talking about how she rarely feels good in the morning ~ that she always wakes up feeling depressed.

Sometimes I wonder if there are a great many people affected that way, by the death of our planet. Let’s at least call it what it is, right? Our planet is steady on a death trip and even though there are a lot of people trying to make a difference…


This planet being destroyed thing is the literal personification of life isn’t fair. It feels like 1% of the people on Earth destroyed the thing. It’s amazing when I look around me, and what I see. These social tokens can really change the future, I guess. Have you heard about $FWB?

This is my time to fucking shine! I’ve neve been very good at keeping my communities glued together, but damn if I don’t get around and talk to people. Some people fucking hate me, but I think they might still ape-in to the Spark Twain Social Token. That’s not really what I’m going to call it.

$whale is the only one I’m highly involved in. Quite genius, the idea of a social token ~ although, I have to admit, there is a lot I don’t understand.

I remember 4 years ago I was about to move to the Green Tortoise in SF. It is unhealthy to wish I could go back and talk to myself? Haha. I guess…Yo! I have tried to do so many things, and failed, and then I am still hard on myself, even though I tried.

The time is now 04:26 in the morning. I woke up about an hour ago, I think; it might have been longer.

For the last 20 minutes or so I’ve been looking at Etherscan. Yeah, you could say I’m in a bad mindstate. I just can’t believe I wasn’t slowing buying this crypto and saving it up that whole time I lived in SF [I did this instead]. Like…I definitely talked to people around it. The truth is, however, that it’s only my fault that I didn’t participate in the future. I didn’t believe in it like some people did. Many other people decided that they would take a risk and invest their money. Me? I’ve never really had any skin haha, so I haven’t had any skin in the game.

Ether prices were pretty low for all of 2019. It’s like…obviously nobody could have predicted this happening. Well…maybe some people. For the most part however, I think we all thought crypto was going to take another 10 years to take off. What’s amazing is that all of this stuff I’ve been getting involved with over the last 5 to 8 months ~ already existed ~ I’m one of the early mainstream adopters [is how I feel].

I guess my thought is like…am I just a finkle fan? Am I just a fucking finkle fan of crypto?

The answer is no, but it sure does feel that way. Now ~ I try not to be hard on myself, because although I may be monetarily squat, emotionally I am rich. I often have been wondering what kind of person I would be if I had buckled down and saved instead of galivanting the world. And I’ll tell you ~ I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything. However, I still could get better at living in the now.

I’m a man who doesn’t know who he is or what he wants to do with his life, and so when people look up to me, I think they just want to get high. People get high off me, forsure. I try not to let them, but they do anyway. I suppose I feel it deep inside me that my purpose is to expand on that exact frequency. People pay money to get fxcking high! So they should be paying money to get high off me haha.

Everyone and their momma is in the game right now! I meet so many people in the Cunning Fox server…it’s crazy. Now, I’m sure the BAYC server is off the chain in many ways, but, I haven’t made an effort to go in there [yet]. I’ve considered finding them and entering, but…I guess I’m a lil salty I didn’t buy an ape. I mean, for me, it would have been purely an investment. The people apeing in now are rich people who want to play with toys, but they are a different breed of rich people than the rich people that have existed in the past, and this could be good for everyone, but in the end, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Yeah. To be honest, the first time I ever purchased a crypto currency was in December of 2020. Can you believe that? I’m such a fucking noob. It’s because I let my life be driven by fear. I remember having an interest in buying BTC in like 2014, but everyone I knew wasn’t really interested in it, and somehow I just let it pass me up. Now I’m sitting on my blog writing about it. At the same time, there are many people who have considered themselves to have wasted their life, or at least the early parts of it, on a quest of something other than love and happiness. Me? I’ve always been on the quest for love and happiness, but now I am older than I have ever been, and I’m realizing that I lived soo in the moment, that I didn’t really setup my futureself very well. 2019 could have been it for me! But instead of buying ether…I started a blog about ASMR! Haha. I am not happy I did that. I wonder if that blog will really ever help anyone quit drinking… To be honest, I think the chances are slim. It’s a very emotionally driven blog. However, I also believe that people who are stuck in an addictive state are emotionally driven people, so maybe my writing resonates well [I haven’t received much feedback yet]. That is kind of saddening to me. I spent 300 days working in a random direction because I was lost, but instead of spending very much time finding my grounding, I just jumped into something that was close to me, and in the end…I don’t think I ever felt grounded while I did that.

I was on that ASMR shit for a long time though, that’s forsure. I remember sitting in a Starbucks…it was one of my favorite Starbucks of all time, but now it’s closed ~ the one by the where to Railcar turns around in the Marina. I remember sitting in there and dreaming about how I would proceed with my ASMR website. I pretty much did things exactly how I envisioned them! Now I envision different things.

Every morning I go to the coffee shop, and for the past week Sam has been reminding me that I should hit him up and go over to his house. Idk why I haven’t. I almost did last night, but I considered that it was getting a little last [only 4pm, it was], and I also considered like…well, I guess we do have stuff to do. I want to help him sell his art on OpenSea or Rarible. But it’s like…holy shit, man. First things first, I spent $180 to mint this picture, which is really fucking intense, and 8 months after the fact I’m wondering why I thought anyone would buy that haha.

Did I tell you I’m going back to Florida? I still didn’t buy a ticket. It’s hard for me. I’m having to deal with my Dad, and that is changing things up. He’s trying to get me to spend $!00 less, and I’m just like…what? I can’t believe I have put myself in a position where I am allowed to get lived by other people. I guess that’s the reason I haven’t bought a ticket, is because we didn’t agree on a flight. That was dumb, I can’t believe I didn’t push forward with that. My father is a lot like me, in which he doesn’t deal well at the tail end of systems of trust. Like, when I told him that we should buy flight X, and then he comes back at me with something else, really all that happened was I got confused. I picked X for a reason, and now it’s 17 hours later, and I’m thinking the price of these flights could definitely change haha. Anyway. That’s not your problem, and honestly, I bet that most of you are lightyears away from dealing with a problem like that. I deal with childish shit everyday in my life, because I act like a child. Tbh I was going to get a job at Cheebahut and just make subs for $10 an hour as I let my depression settle in over the next few months, but I decided I didn’t want to do that because half the people who work at that place are probably lazy pieces of shit. Sorry yall, but I’m sure you know who you are. I’m not very forward thinking, I think haha, but I am fairly hardworking. Which can suck; working around people unlike myself. I remember when Jo used to work at the hostel, and she would get so upset with the people she worked with because they wouldn’t do what they were supposed to do…and I looked up at her job! Like, the people I’ve worked with are even shittier than the people she worked with, at least on average. I work with some mf slime sometimes, and it sucks. My last job wasn’t too slimy. You know, I just stopped showing up there, but I’ve been thinking that was probably a good thing, before I ended up having to walk 4 hours home in the dark across what is supposedly a very dangerous city haha. That’s what that was coming to!

It seems futile to start buying crypto now, but you know what? The winter cometh. Will BTC see 100k? Everyone is thinking it will, so it probably will. People will push it ~ they want to see it.

I always like to come up with these 5 year plans, and shit.

The problem is that I don’t surround myself with the right people.

Moving back to my fathers is the epitome of that. Sometimes I feel like he doesn’t want me to find success as a writer or internet personality, because he literally never talks about it. Like, I’ve had 100 conversations with him that leave me confused, and the only thing I can think is that he doesn’t have the vision I have. Then again, he is him, and I am I. My Dad built some pretty amazing stuff in Minecraft. Would I ever sit down to do that? No. Never. I’ve tried, and I get bored in 20 minutes. I heard some girl on a podcast the other day say that she used to be upset how she would spend hours getting an item in a video game, but then she wasn’t able to do anything more than use that item inside of that videogame, and it was disappointing because she just gave so much of her irl time to this. Me? I obviously had that same thought, and just said fuck videogames haha, seriously. I pretty much never play videos games. I sometimes I will play a lil Civ 5 or Portal, but that’s about it. However, I want to get more into video games as I get older. I can see my 40’s and 50’s playing out in front of a counsel haha.

Omg I could just keep rambling all morning! The time is 05:02 on September 15th 2021, and I’m going to poop forreal, and then probably smoke more weed, and take a shower, and then go get coffee…there will certainly be time to write between all that, but will I use it for such?

See you soon!


The time is now 06:53 and I am writing to you from MTCR. I ordered a fucking quadshot cap! I’m reckless. I literally just filmed a video where I spent a majority or the time talking about how I am allowing my life to be lived by other people, and by getting a quad shot, I am continuing that exact path ::palmface::

But damn if it ain’t good. I could have gotten it in a larger cup, I suppose.

I just talked to…Alec or Alex ~ I used to know who was which, but I’ve lost track, and I’m embarrassed to ask haha. I’ll probably bring it up again when I say my goodbye to them.

Anyway, I just talked to him and he told me that he has been in recovery for 5 years. Maybe I should interview him before I leave the city…that would be interesting, right? Two individuals talking about recovery 3 and 5 years out. I’m three ~ he’s five. I actually have a podcast, but I haven’t published to it in a while!

Wow. You know, Kevin and his gf have been in the city for the last three days, and I totally forgot to hit them up. I’m just thinking about it right now. Ugh. I’m fucking terrible. I sent him a message to stroll through my house, but then I fell asleep after that, and then I didn’t want to text him at 6 in the morning…this was yesterday. OR the day before, maybe. I am terrible. It’s not like we had huge plans or anything, but…well, anyway, I’m thinking about it because he was a guest on my podcast. You can listen to it here! Haha. I need to be more pushy about my art. In the beginning there was nothing, now there is mucho, and it is foolish not to push it. I can imagine a world where I sell 30k worth of NFT books in a single year…and holy shit do I like the idea of that ~ ha! I might have missed my opportunity to buy Ξ and sit on it, but the time for earning Ξ has only just begun.

The last time I…

Well, I just stopped writing in the middle of that and fell into phone zone haha.


All I need to do is decide and then the rest will fall into place.

I’m going to go to Florida.

I’m going to keep working on the fictional story, and I’m also going to work-on and assemble a multiple-piece project so I can begin to sell it using WIPP. Jo once told me I’m surprised you haven’t written a book already, because then you could be making some extra money from it, and she said it so matter-of-factly…I was like: WTF? Why haven’t I written a book? That was several years ago. I still haven’t written a book! I’m still not making an income off my stories! Haha. Jo was such an inspiration. So many women in my life have been inspirations…some men have been as well, but I more-so remember the women.

There is this girl I know in Florida. I don’t know her very well, but she talked to me long enough where I got to thinking this girl wants to talk to me just like I want to talk to her. She takes leggings and cuts them up and sells them, and the other day I saw her for the first time in a while on her IG story modeling these things, and I thought to myself making love to that woman is probably a soul trip. This was two days ago. I’m still convinced it’s probably true, and now I’m writing about it on my blog haha.

I’m still nervous about talking to women ~ I’ve always been, and I’m not sure how to change that ~ but I’m only frantic when talking to women I hope to court, fr. It all comes back to the fact that I am allowing my life to get lived by other people. Here’s a girl whom I think I would enjoy spending time with, and I believe she would enjoy spending time with me…but I have not put myself in the position to enjoy her company!

Didn’t I just say that I failed to contact Kevin while he was in the city? This is because I am getting lived by my monkey mind!

What am I going to do? Where do I want to go, and how do I want to live?

The time is 07:26 and I just said bye to John, and several minutes prior to that I said bye to Sam.

Nice guys. Same guys at the coffee shop every morning. It was awhile before I started to talk to them, but now? Frens.


Right now, in my head, the perfect future would include me going to Florida and building a viable online community, and then driving that community into business ownership. I’ve had that idea for many years, but now the landscape really exists to make that possible. However…I’m not exactly sure where to start. I’ve thought about trying to team up with a business that already exists…but I don’t want to do that haha ~ It’s practically selling out! At that point;

So how can I get people together? In fact, more important than that, is why would they come together? In fact, that would probably explain the how. I have to drop a deuce…thinking I should head home. Okay. I’m going to head home, and poop, and then…maybe publish this? And then ~ actually ~ I pretty much have to buy a plane ticket today and start getting ready to leave the state. Forsure. I have much to do before I leave! Much to do…


Now the time is 12:11 and I am listening to Jenkins the Valet talk on Tokensmart He’s talking about he used to play College Basketball. I’m actually recording on OBS, just to have fun and preserve the memories. ANDE is asking a question! Economist…


Now I’m listening to The Cutting Edge with GMoney, and he’s got Gary Vaynerchuck on the stream. Very awesome! What a full day it’s been! [I’m editing this days later, but this last thing happened at like 2 or 3 in the afternoon ~ same day].

Your thoughts are your reality. That is the truth, ain’t it?

The time is 07:12 and I am writing to you from MTCR. I’m going to…order espresso now.

Ugh ~ I tried to buy a plane ticket last night, but I don’t think it went thru.

Oh, wait…it totally went though. But so did a charge for a website that I don’t even want anymore!

I am terrible.

Actually, the one that went though last night I want to keep, but also went through on September 11th, and I absolutely do not want that one haha.

I have finished my oatmilk cappuccino; wishing I had ordered a quad. The espresso here is so superior to Florida…which…I now have a ticket to fly to. I have to call my landlord. I have to clean my house. I have to make some decisions. I have to leave, pretty much, my entire kava business behind because I don’t have money to ship it. To those saying that I choose coffee and marijuana over shipping items you are 300% correct! Haha.

I read this article about how food delivery is a business that might never make a profit. Crazy! Something about our system isn’t working. All the money is at the top, and everyone at the bottom is dealing with nothing. I think as things even-out worldwide, Americans will be in a mighty position.

So I drank my cap this morning…and I’m feeling pretty lit. I got here after the boyz left this morning. What do I have to do?


Do some stuff for MVMF.

I have a buttload of stuff to do.

An assload.

Still, I sit and write this blog haha.

AND I haven’t posted anything in…a day or two, but in that time I have written quite a bit!

Oh shit! Yeah.  And I started to actually write a proposal for my kava bar! It’s pretty lit. I’m going to put it online, and then start shilling. I might have to watch this 8 hour video so that I can create my own token. Seems a little flimsy…but if it’s the way to go, then it’s the way to go. I don’t want to spend too much time thinking ~ I want to spend more time doing! The time is 07:54 on September 16th, 2021, and I am writing to you from Michael Thomas Coffee. I’m…I’m going to get out of here now. Although, I don’t have much idea where I’m going or what I’m doing next, which probably…isn’t awesome haha. I guess usually what I do is go home and poop, and then smoke some more weed, and drink kratom, and then get caught in my head for a couple hours haha. I was active with my body this morning for the first time in a while though, so that felt nice and a lil bit of a change. Need to be more consistent with it. So, yeah; anyway! Imma o home…and write.
Write away!

The more I think about it, the more I realize that the idea of a tokenized kava bar kinna revolves around me ~ as a person, and as a brand.

Of course, things will also revolve around the kava bar, and I would like them to revolve mostly around the kava bar…but if I am being a realist about the situation, then I have to say, I believe the community will populated by people who believe in Spark Twain more than they understand the Kava project, but in time those people will come to understand the token economy better than many of their friends. That’s not the only way my team will win though.

What I really need to figure out is the token economics of the whole thing.

Whale is going to have 10 million coins at the end, and FWB will have 1 million, and about half of them are mined; Idk how many $whale have been mined.

I’ve been pondering how I want to make this token worthwhile in the initial stages.

I’m tired, and my eyes are closed…now they are not.
My back is not in good shape haha, but I’m listening to ASMR Reiki from Whispers of the Wolf ASMR.

The time is 22:25 and I am tired af haha. Well, not really. I feel a lot of pressure in my head when I lay down, but I think that’s when Ie

Dfljk mk

Xlddp fdv reqsleep eq

Sleep req


The time is now 08:35 upon the morning of Saturday, September 18th 2021. I am writing this to you from Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters. But you know what? Something is drawing me to continue my journey and go to Satelite. Can you believe that I still can’t spell that shit? I’m going to leave that one, but here’s another one so I have something to compare it to: Satellite. OH! B A M ! That time I spelled it right! Ha. Fuck yeah. Crazy. Well, apparently I can spell it now ~ that was the end of my cycle of fucking it up for my entire life. Yall just witnessed it. I guess I’ll probably never spell satellite wrong again in my life…fuck yeah. Look I did it again! Haha. Wild.

Uhhhhh okay ~ this is not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is that I am going to be creating my own coin! I have decided full and forsure that this is the move to move forward with! But now I need to like…figure out how I want to do it. What am I going to do? Well, mostly I’m going to run the Discord. I’m going to bring everyone together, and at first I thought ~ okay, I will also be the person to run the bar ~ but no ~ we me as the leader, the community will hire someone to run the bar. My goal is to get…well I’m not sure how many people. There needs to be different levels of membership representing different levels of voting power. Even before it is a DAO, it needs to act like a DAO. Ha, yeah, and I accidently spelled DAO ~ DAP for a second there, and it made me think of DAPP University. That guy is a game changer.

It’s just one dude on the YouTube channel ~ I’m not sure if he works for the company or if he is the company, but it’s been very helpful. I might use his videos to code V1 of my currency, and then later on I can help direct the club into hiring someone to update it.

Yooo ~ yeah. It’s like…I picture myself touring a building with my phone in my hand, streaming the tour LIVE onto Twitch and probably into the metaverse somewhere, and then 100+ people watching the video, and giving the thumbs up or thumbs down emoji to vote if we should rent that spot or move onto the next spot.

I’m picturing that ~ when we hire someone to run the place ~ there are going to be hundreds, if not thousands of commands that will be barked out by the people within the chat room haha. We are not going to listen to everything, but we are going to hear it all! I need to somehow make sure that someone with a stupid amount of money can’t come in and destroy the project. Well…I guess that’s impossible to stop. If someone wants to do that, they are going to do that! I can picture how it would be done haha, but I don’t want to broadcast it, right? Seems like…not the move.

I’m still sitting here, and I haven’t ordered anything. Should I? I haven’t because I’m pretty broke. I should totally just grab my free coffee, but then…I’m not sure what I will do for the rest of the days. I really fucked up haha. Or ~ I continue to fuck up. The coffee here is so much better than anywhere else! I just…I want sugar too :crying face: I guess, and tbh, I might just order a scone! That would solve the issue ~ I just get a scone! But then I’m still spending money I don’t have haha. I’m fucked, really. I have some money in $whale! But I decided not to take it out haha. I will just suffer ~ but then at least when I land in Florida, I’ll have like $1000, which is what I’m going to use to start this venture!

You know, I could just finish my writing from here without ordering anything, and then leave…that is a crazy idea, but it’s an idea. If I buy a scone right now, then I’m probably going to go the rest of the day without spending any money. There’s actually only one thing I need money for, and that is a bag to transport my stuff. It’s weak! ~ but I must get a bag. If I can’t get a bag, the plan is ruined. I’m guessing it’s going to be like $25 to $45, and I have…I think $35. I think…ha. Should have sold the $whale!

The time is 08:51 and my computer is going to die if I do not plug it in. I’m thinking about how I want to handle that. Hmm. Fuck.
I’m really thinking about that bag. And my laundry. Those are the two things left. I should have enough food to make it…I mean, I don’t, but I do have some food. I forget how much money I arrived here with, but it was a lot. It might have been 4k haha. Now I have 1k. Hmm 3k for a summer in Albuquerque…yeah, totally worth it. But however much I think I spent, I definitely spent more, because I got a sizable amount from Cipher Media too. Oh, yeah, I also have my foxes. The prices are low right now, but eventually I believe they will go back up to .1Ξ and at that time…maybe I will sell one. It’s definitely not too late to get into the NFT game; I hear 1 of 1’s are going to be the next big thing. That’s what ArtChick.eth is collecting!

Yo, looking at the past, I could have done way better with the money I spent than just chill in Albuquerque, but I’m still happy that I came here. In fact, it might have had to happen, because when I was in Florida and surrounded by Florida vibes, I considered the idea of The Kava Bar played out, but now it’s like…obviously going to be the next big thing haha. I’ve met multiple people who are working to open a kava bar in Albuquerque! For-fucking-real! So I am positive that getting folks together based on that prospect is the move.

Should I go and buy my bag before getting coffee? I’m thinking that that is the only move. I can come back out and have coffee in a couple of hours if I want, but right now getting a bag is #1 on my priorities list, and so I’m going to go get it done! Let’s bounce!

A guy in a tyedye shirt just said, loudly, I’ve seen people get their hands chopped off for being disrespectful overseas. Whoa.

My cap is up. The barista asked me if I wanted it dry or we, and I had to ask what that meant, and then I told him dry. Now I’m realizing I wanted both haha. There is a song filling the air…and it’s a song that I know, but I forget.

In front of me, I have cap in a to-go cup, and I also have a biscotti. My head kind of feels meh. Definitely from…well, you know, I didn’t drink any coffee today, so I wonder if it is from that!

The foam is fierce.

This is a mess! I’m making a huge chocolaty mess right now!

Hmm. I wonder if this biscotti isn’t kind of stale. It’s a weird experience today. I don’t even remember what I came here to do! Ha. Really tho, it’s always just work on my kava stuff. I also give time once in a while to the fictional story I am writing. It’s…whimsical, to say the least.

I should actually do much more for that story. Like what? It’s a hard story to work with, I can’t lie. When it comes to preexisting Mythology, it needs to be exact. Or, at least, that’s how I feel. When I create something, I like to have all the loose ends…well, I don’t want there to be any loose ends! There are so many movies I watch that leave things open or confusing. What’s the point of even creating then? ~ I say. But I am an asshole. Definitely create!!! ~ don’t listen to me. Even if you creation is not good, you should work to publish it. You are probably the only one who thinks it isn’t good, anyway. Forreal. I heard that once about art: When I am finished with this painting, I will stare at it until I hate it.

Butter on the toast.

I have my bag now. I just need to fill it full of stuff…and then catch a flight on Wednesday. There are people here that I remember seeing in May ~ homeless ppl. The life. The cycle. The same thing in San Francisco, and in SWFL. I see it everywhere now! I even saw it in Milwaukee when I went back, but I imagine it disappears in the winter.

The sounds filling the air are good.

I’d like for my crypto project to help clean things up too. Like…maybe we have a team of people we pay to clean up the beach? And we also take volunteers? I’m basically already thinking that I want blue inc to at least teach me what they do, if not just totally bring their operation into the kbar operation.

The biggest problem is going to be writing the code for the currency. OR ~ the biggest problem is going to be getting people to trust me with the capital before we move into the DAO stage. It’s called a “rug-pull” when someone sells a bunch of NFT’s and then leaves with the money without fulfilling the rest of the project’s roadmap. Technically a rugpull does not bar a project from being successful, but I haven’t heard about a successful rugpull….except for Dogecoin ~~~ HA!

When I look at $WHALE and how that whole thing is setup, it’s kind of intimidating. I think how can I possibly succeed when someone like Whaleshark works so hard, yet FWB is still outrunning his endeavor?

Seriously. I have that exact thought haha. But then again, idk the person behind FWB. Hmm, okay, so actually that isn’t totally true because I heard the creator of the ecosystem speaking on a podcast the other day. He was talking about how they want to change things and make the FWB Community more accessible again. $FWB is a social token, which means it is very similar to a cryptocurrency. For the technicals, they are basically the same thing. A social token is actually more like an NFT, I suppose. They are both ERC tokens, and…well anyway, it now costs like $15,000 to be part of the FWB Community haha. That’s kind of what I am trying to replicate! And then of course more and more people will follow in the footsteps on our community, and the will not be able to achieve huge marks like that. This community I am creating is open to ANYONE! But if you sleep on it…you might end up not being able to join later on down the road! Don’t worry though, there will be other communities you will be able to join. I’m down for the exclusivity, because then the last few members who join will be very powerful, and they will be able to help the prior members level up. Like, imagine if Megan Fox joined FWB and then actually started to help level up the members of the community? I am trying to build something not unlike that. It will look way better and more fresh when I am further down the road haha. I am definitely looking to attract celebrities, but on at the very end, to really level us up. Maybe after we get the fir bar open is when would be the perfect time for that to happen. Forreal.


Looking at this crazy tweet


So looking at the etherscan for $FWB…that didn’t really help me. It must be a team of programmers who made that shit. I need to find someone who can do programming, and also believes in me as a social human being to help spread the word about our project. Actually…I think I’ve got it pretty well on my own. Plus my astrology says that that is what I am supposed to do…go it alone! I have it in me…I know I do. Except, I’m still not doing that haha. With careful planning though, I will be able to bring everybody up with me. I’ve been thinking about this. At first, people are going to be standoffish about this, but eventually we are going to raise enough to actually open a bar, and then the value of the coin is going to go up and people are going to feel salty, but still that is only going to be the beginning. The coin will likely stay the same price for a long time, but then once enough capital is raised to open the first location…then things will really start to take off. Then I think the coin will do a massive jump, and then correct a bit, but over the lifetime of the business…it should do pretty well. Starting a business tied to an ecosystem is the future, and everyone who comes with me is part of a rare opportunity ~ I really believe that.

I like the idea of the b. coin. I think people would enjoy that, right? I know I would!

The most important thing is consistency. If I spend 300 days in a row promoting this project, I believe the chances of success are rather high. I’m going to put myself in a position where the chances of success are as high as they can be! It’s up to me, and so this ship is going to fucking sail!

That being said…that time is 15:52. What do I want to do? I’m thinking about heading back to the crib. Don’t know what I’m going to do….I need to pack my things! Probably just end up doing more research about social tokens tho haha. PEACE! Until soon yall.

Hopefully I don’t sound like the boy who cried wolf! Do yall know that story? I figure that everyone knows that story. It’s about this dude, and he’s always telling this grandpa there is a wolf, but there really isn’t a wolf he is just doing that to play a joke and be funny; you know, he’s like, pretending he is getting eaten by a wolf or something and then when he G round the corner, he’s all Gotcha! But then one time, ya see; one time he actually gets attacked by a fuggin wolf. Full on running for his life and the wolf quickly [and obviously] catches him, and one that wolf sinks it’s teeth into the boys leg, it doesn’t let go. Now, this is good for the boy, because it means that there are any wolf teeth around his throat! However, it also mean that his ass just got attacked by a wolf ~ forreal!

What does our homie do?

“Grandpa! Grandpa! Help! I’m being attacked by a wolf!” Which is the same thing he has sad for 4 days in a row prior, each time being a joke. Now, the demeanor of his voice is significantly different as homie screams for his life, but ole grandpa knows his grandson is a good actor, and assumes he is just playing into the part, since yesterday the homie basically got scolded for screaming about wolf attacks that weren’t real.

The moral of the story is that Homie dies, and Grandpa feels terrible, but it’s definitely could have been prevented if Homie hadn’t been trying to play that joke on his ole G. Think ahead yall, think ahead.

Uhh, where was I? Why did I tell that story? OH! Yeah! I…uhh, I always talk about opening a business.

“I’m going to start the number one website in the world for watching ASMR.”

“I’ve started the first Kava Bar in NM.”

“Come on down to Twain’s Tyedye Imperorium!”

I’ve worn a lot of hats. Actually. I’ve worn even more hats than you know. How many people how really followed my journey? I think not many. There were a lot of people in Wisconsin ~ I remember when Courtney H told me I always see you drinking around the city. You are your Saturn, and then I started to wonder how many other people noticed me driving around. I’m sure a lot. I might have been popular in highschool. I wasn’t like…popular, but people definitely knew about me. I’m not sure why. I guess it’s because I’m funny and beautiful. Life is not rough.

Ha. I’m such a fucktard.

I’m going to open another business! I’ve written a little bit about it on this blog, but damn if it isn’t taking massive shape in my head. I’m going to start a community, and together, with my leadership, this community is going to open a business, and everyone is going to profit.

What I’ve kind of been wondering now is…how many people do I need? There’s a lot going on with the idea. A social token that is backed by a business. Now, I actually have already shifted my idea a little bit, and you know what? I kind of like the shift. I think the original idea was good, and would be the kind of idea that attracts VC perhaps, or definitely appeals to sources of capital that was to see definite returns. Now though, I think the new idea is better for the community. Believe strongly that this is the way. The Community. My astrology says that I have to go it alone, but in this sense I am going it alone. I don’t want to just be part of a team here. I want to show people what I always dream about, in real time. I have always said that I want to get a group of people together and start a business. Now…now I’m going to do it. I’m really going to do it ~ I feel that shit in my blood. Fuck ~ haha ~ I’m writing this like it’s some kind of publicity. People might come back and read this, after things are successful, but tbh I bet for the rest of my life I’m going to hear that I am underrated. Seriously. I believe in myself, but it wasn’t always that way. I had to grow. I put myself on a pedestal, but I don’t stay up there everyday.

I’m not pitching anything right now. I’m more like…just getting my feels out. The time is 07:45 and I am writing to you from Little Bear Coffee in Albuquerque. I’m thinking about how after I get this idea going, I should do a physical tour around the USA where I talk to people irl and pitch them on my idea. However, when thinking about that, balance is KEY! When I create the project, I need to have an idea about how many people will eventually join, least I start things with the wrong marketcap! I’m also wondering if I want to go an inflationary or deflationary currency. I’m wondering if getting some members of the prospective community together first would be better, and then we can pool our money and hire someone to code for us? But I feel like…two things: One: I don’t want to lose control of the project, at least before it is ready to sail on it’s own ~  Two: I need to attract people who support ME as well as the endeavor. Basically what I’m signing up for is to spend every single day on Discord, morning until night, until further notice. I’m optimistic that if I create the foundations and the nstart shilling, we could be starting construction of the first kava bar within 6 months. However, if it takes two years, then I think I should stick to it. This could be really big if I stick to it! If the community I get together can build something as significant as, say, Starbucks? Then we will all be ontop of the world!

Token Economics, yo. I’ve been waiting my entire life for this. It’s true that I would know about it sooner if I had appealed to my academic aspects, but I didn’t ~ I appealed to my get high/travel/pop-culture aspects. It is for that reason which I am who I am. My name is ST, and I have something to prove to myself.

x. Spark Twain