Cryptohop is what I was born to smash

Just got done jamming with my dad! It was rather fun. We are very much the same in how we play music, so sometimes it can get a little…cluttered. We haven’t jammed in years. It was fun. I played the guitar for a little bit, and then I played the bass. He played the drums. It’s nice having an acoustic drumset at the house again. Sadly, I can’t play. It just hurts my shoulder to much. I cry when I think about. I love playing drums.

That’s not what I’m here for though. I’m here to serve kava, and rap. In the opposite order.

I’m almost scared…no, that’s an understatement. I’m very scared. What am I doing? Why is it so hard for me to decide things? Am I an idiot for not…idek. Giving up? Giving up is so easy. I love giving up. But, I don’t like the atmosphere that comes with it. I’m done giving up. This means that I have to target my plays.

I’m going to leverage my ENS into the rest of my life. I feel it. I’ve been giving a blessing from the Universe. Can you imagine if I panic sold? So glad I didn’t. It keeps going up! I actually think it could reach 200 or 300 dollars. I’m all but praying that it does. Maybe I should try prayer too, ha.

RAP! That’s it. I could open a kava bar now if I wanted, but I could also rap.

This started because…I just happened to drop that sentence and open up Discord, for some reason, and then B A M! Louie C Rhymes hmu. He’s giving out .01Ξ to everyone that submits an entry to his Hip Hop Heads NFT project competition. The winner of the competition get like…1% of sales, with the snapshot taking 7 days after the project drops. So, even if you’ve never rapped a song before in your life, you can get .01Ξ just by putting an entry in! Seems like a no brainer to me.

So, yeah. This started because Crypto Rastas announced they are having an IRL party on December 3rd in Miami…and I’m like…damn! I should go.

I’m going to make rap. I’m going to tour. I’m going to sell rap NFTs and I’m going to focus on Florida. I’m going to make a name for myself as a rapper…more so than I already have. Then I’m going to do my kava bar + more stuff I be dreaming about. But I feel fairly confident that if I give my all to this rap shit, I will come out on top. I was born to rap. I’ve been saying that to myself for a long, long time. It’s time to put my money where my mouth is. If I lose it all trying to become a rapper, at least I took the time to sit down and write about the whole thing. It’s obvious I’m not ordinary. What am I meant for? Whatever it is, I can handle it. I thought the stressful rise was over, but it might have only begun.

x. Spark Twain