Lost It All! 15k GONE Gambling NFTs

Ξither I am stuck in nostalgia, or I am moving in addictive sentiment. These are my two speeds, and it seriously worries me!

Yo, so like 2 or 3 weeks ago I received the ENS airdrop, which put…$15,000 in my pocket. Seriously! It’s amazing how many people I talk to about this, and they are like well yeah but it’s not real money, it’s crypto.”

Way to not hide at all that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Crypto is better than money, actually, but of course it can easily be turned into money as well. You have to go through a centralized exchange, or CEX, but this normal. It just means you will have to pay taxes. Probably. I technically made $6000 this year selling NFTs, and then in the last two weeks I turned 18k into 24k with some good trades, but then…yo I literally lost all my money in one fallswoop! I moved into NFTs, and this is where I got rekt. Totally rekt. Of course, I still have my NFTs, but…first of all, I paid thousands of dollars in gas fees. Literally, thousands. Also, I sold 2 NFTs at a loss, so that I could mint this project which I thought would be a quick flip.

Absolutely wrecked myself.

I’ve got 3 Crypto Mories, 1 Superlative, 1 Humanoid, 1 Crypto Rasta, and 18 Crypto Bulbs from Ron English.


I was making super amazing lifechanging money with this cryptocurrency called AVAX. But then…I got fucked addicted to NFTs. It’s a tragedy. If I had just kept things how they were ~ even if I had just bought 1 or 2 NFTs ~ I at least still have 24k. Maybe as much as 30k by now, and obviously on the way to the rest of my life ~ or so, I literally thought that same thing 4 days ago. I felt unstoppable!

Well, so. If I sold all of my assets at floor, I could come up with like 1 eth. Forreal. I’m serious. $4000 haha. I took 24k and turned it into 4k, without really even doing much. I also bought a puffco for $450, and I have now moved at least $1,500 into my bank since the airdrop happened, but only have ~ literally ~ about $500 altogether now. I have my NFTs, but otherwise I have full-on liquidated all my crypto.

If all those NFTs I named above sell for 1Ξ each, then I’ll be right back in the game. If they don’t? I actually have two cryptomories for sale right now, but I’m hoping they don’t sell in the next 4 days [when the auction ends], because I think they will be worth more in January. This lady I just saw, an astrology gal, just tweeted about how the makets are going to crash on the first of the year. You think? The fact that she was right about the bear market in the summer is something to be said. We are all awaiting this huge crash. I’m scared. I had 20k at my disposal. Could have bought a car, started traveling and really taken on my YouTube channel more heavily. Instead…I squandered my wealth on NFTs.

Like I said, it’s quite possible that I get my money back out of those NFTs. Perhaps even with profit. But if a crash really comes at the start of the year, then it might actually be a while before I am able to get anything out of my NFTs.

This is when I would love to start selling some music. I was listening to my music a little bit earlier. I made some hella OG stuff when I was living in Albuquerque. It’s too bad my Twitter literally never gets any interaction, otherwise I might actually sell some music.

My traction on social media sites is so bad, I be wondering wtf is going on. I’ll be in a poppin-ass Discord chat, and I start a Twitter Space, and still I can never get people to join me.

Maybe it had to be YouTube. I know The Universe is just steering me towards where I need to go. But it can be hard haha. Especially when like…everything that happens to me is 100% my fault.

Shoutout to the FaMorie. At least I’ve got yall!


You know…I wrote all that, and I didn’t even really hit my traditional style with it.

The time is 06:51 in the morning here in Florida, and it’s fucking Thanksgiving yall, forreal haha. I like…totally forgot to mention that! Insane truth. But I thought it was be insane of my not to tag it on.

I’ve been making a lot of YT videos. Ugh. I gotta just put the work in and tie all my stuff together. Here are the videos I published today!


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