DAOs Will Save The Oceans

The mailman is outside my house right now…and it’s 07:24 in the morning! Normally they are here at like 14:00. Must be getting things done early for the holidays. The day is December 21st 2021 and I am writing to you from my room at my Dads house.

I just read online that some cruise company wants to move a coral reef in Miami, to 3x deep water so that they can park boats, or something.

We are entering an era where, finally, all that stuff is going to die. If I never get to go on a cruise in my life, I won’t even be missing anything, but it feels like I’m missing everything in these moments that my planet is dying.

As DAOs take over, and decisions are made by the masses instead of a core group of individuals paid to make the most money possible, we are going to see more rational decision making in regards to the environment.

Sure ~ right now DAOs can seem a little dumb ~ like any web2 internet community 😂,
but any DAO is actually web3 ~ even if just by inspiration.

I can’t wait for the future, but damn if it doesn’t have to wait for me.

x. Spark Twain