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Different Sparks

Bright and shiny morning here in Florida, but still a bit on the chilly side. Things have been going quite well recently, but I’m still as scatter-brained as ever. 

I’ll be moving onto some big-boy stuff soon, definitely not lacking a better term haha, and I have no idea what will become of this blog. It’s emotionally quite heavy, and although there are some gems buried upon this site, there is a lot of bs to dig thru finding diamonds. 

YouTube is obviously where it’s at for me. So what happens when people start flooding the website? Are they going to be like…hating on me for being me? haha. I know for a *fact* I spend too much time worrying about that stuff, but it’s how I be! 

This writing will always be available, and perhaps…I will leave it right where it is! But the website might change a bit. Idk. Branding and marketing is a lot. Most use a team. I use…nothing? HA! I am getting there though. YouTube likes me, and in this day and age, that can be a massive catalyst. 

Shazbot ~ Nanu Nanu!

x. ST