How To Create The #1 ASMR Platform In The World!

~ Small Media Over Large ~
~ The Whitepaper ~


The problem with ASMR is loud advertisements. Listeners in the community have complained about it for years, but really what are we to do? There is no other place to watch ASMR! There have existed various other platforms…the most popular asmrtist in the world got behind a platform called Zees [not sure if she commissioned it or not], which I really thought was going to succeed with it’s subscription model. Personally never used the app, and it was also very short lived. I’m sure the creators made a lot of money, but that’s not something you think about much in this space. Gibi does so much good for us, we automatically overlook that she shilled us a bunk one time. Zees never have good vibes, but it did seem practical.

In 2020 I wrote a blog for 300 days about how people can use ASMR to help with Addiction Recovery ~ of course, I used ASMR heavily on my path to sobriety, and I’ve long thought that more people could use ASMR to help better their life, but perhaps they need a champion to show them it’s possible. No alcohol in 3.5 years, and without ASMR…I might still be drinking 🤷‍♂️ idrk.

A platform dedicated to ASMR that runs ASMR Advertisements only would do very well. This must be something you believe before continuing. People will choose the ASMR Community platform simply because the experience is better. No more loud commercials = niche market within niche market.

We both know that’s not enough. Less than 10% of viewers will make a permanent switch to their viewing habit just because of softer, tailored ads. Before we advance further upon explanation of our multifront assault on the ad-writ at large ~ lets talk about where we are setting our foundations.

The money is in ASMR advertising, so why not just open a media company? Why not open a media company that specializes in ASMR-style advertisements? This is a thought I have had for years! But I knew it would only be 10% ~ not by the choice of the viewers, but by the choice of the creators. Nobody wants to bite the hand that feeds, and YouTube feeds!

It is of course possible to create ASMR advertisements, and creators could purchase them for their channels and run the ads alongside paired affiliate links, which their audience would like better than the loud YT ads, but the money would be significantly less, no doubt about this.

I’ve been interested in advertisements my entire life, and it was something I became conscious of late into my teen years. My favorite advert of all time is from the 2010 Superbowl ~ the creators of the ad were amateurs and they won millions of dollars when Doritos chose them as the winners of their competition. Once I realized that that’s what happened, I thought to myself wow, ad writ must be dire straits, that they holding competitions!

Of course, I had an entire life to live and millions of things to learn back then. My desires far outpaced my understanding, and thusly my abilities. I hadn’t yet met Allen Ginsberg, Rabindranath Tagore, Frida Kahlo, or Mark Twain; all of whom are now close friends.

To create the #1 platform for ASMR in the world, you will need to execute in three ways. First, you will layer your foundations within the bedrock of advertising using a traditional Web2 Model. Likely you will build a production facility inside of which you will create some of the most memorable ad’s of the upcoming generations!  As a corporate entity, you will create asmr-style adverts for syndication across the globe! One could work within all sectors, tailoring asmr adverts to kids, just as well as kinks. Why discriminate with whom you work? Rather, try to educate the world about ASMR and how the decentralized future will look! However…those will be two very separate departments.

Create ads and then lease them out, along with affiliate linkage, to current Asmrtists using the YouTube platform. Make it easy to profit from your channel, without having to run loud advertisements! Reachout-to and onboard the most relevant brands, while working with the top creators in the space to first identify what the ASMR Community will be most likely to support, and then execute to build a future that works for consumers as well as creators. This is what will work ~ so even if your marketing fails [which I am about to explain], at least you have your core business functionality to fall back on, where the small number of highly equitable clients you can support, will prosper growth because it benefits their brand hella.

Does…that all make sense? You make ASMR advertisements good, and people will tune in ~ I have great faith in this. Not that creators in the space aren’t making great pitches for their affiliate links…but seriously, plz help them! It’s the large brands that need a lesson on ASMR ~ a dedicated team!

ASMR Adverts have a bright future, with or without Spark Twain. I know this. But now I’m going to show you the juicy stuff ~ I’m going to tell you how you can create the number one ASMR platform in the world! Right here right now, it’s happening. Uhh…yeah so, you need to host a decentralized video platform.

This is not a drill! I said that! I totally said it! You need to dig into the red, and use that marketing budget to hire a team of people who can build a platform that plays videos, and is decentralized. I’ve been thinking about it for years, but I was thinking about it as a traditional web2 platform…and even that idea was good. A video platform that anyone can upload to, but all the advertisements are in ASMR? 🤤.

BUT that’s seriously not good enough. We have a lot of problems in this world, and much of those problems are caused by corporations taking shortcuts. You can’t be a corporation that takes shortcuts because listeners of ASMR will not stand for it. We are digitally native, relaxed, and strong af together. However…we are not quite together, are we? An ASMR video platform could offer a lot of unique services, but unless they choose to go decentralized, then they will become obsolete quickly. How quick? Too quick, think about the magnitude of which we speak.

Why not host a video platform as part of a free marketing service? Make it your playground to showcase the future of advertising. Enticing people with softness, kindness, reality, and truth. These are qualities that an overwhelming number of Asmrtists behold themselves too, and this is why a decentralized platform within the confines of the ASMR Community will work; the ASMR Community is a group of digitally native individuals who have built a vigorously strong community around mental health, betterment, kindness, and relaxation. Now someone needs to build a house, and bring us home.


Do I have your attention? Do you understand how decentralized applications work? This is only my second draft, and I’m moving quickly. Not as fast as the grey hound, I am the green tortoise ~ built for longevity.

So what does SMOL MEDIA do?

  1. Creates ASMR Commercials for use on multiple platforms, right inside of a warehouse in Tampa Florida ~ “Whisper Warehouse.” Allocation of a warehouse will allow for infinite possibilities
    1. Build a soundproof room[s] within the warehouse + film ASMR Adverts.
    2. Host live events, games and giveaways at the warehouse [where branding will be omnipresent]
    3. Sponsor an esports team and have them play from inside the warehouse while streaming it and throwing parties.
    4. Host ‘in-house’ channels and invest deep into subjects like ASMR News, ASMR Education, ASMR Equipment, ASMR Fashion, ASMR lifestyle ~ I’m sure you get it.
  2. There is no corporate entity which exists inside the ASMR Community, but there are very big players in the game ~ Asmrtists with 1 million+ subscribers ~ of these, there are MANY. Might be like…an anomaly or something? There are a lot of Video Game Streamers with 1m+ subs, but there are also multiple Esports and Video Games corporations which exist to better/advance the market as a whole. We have GoodnightMoon and Ephemeral Rift, which up to this point has been fucking unreal how good those channels are. But ASMR is much bigger than any one channel, and we are stronger together.
    1. That was one hell of a ramble
  3. Sponsor an ASMR video platform, which:
    1. runs on blockchain technology
    2. is limited to 300k channels within the Genesis Collection
      1. creators must use 1/10,000 Media Keys to “unlock” their account
      2. each Media NFKey can unlock 30 Publishing Channels
  • Media Keys can be sent from wallet-to-wallet to run multiple channels at once
  1. Media Keys can be resold on your proprietary NFT Marketplace [or any marketplace] and any ADCOMM [Advert/Commercial NFTs] revenue associated with that Creator Channel will still be sent to the wallet from which the Media Key was staked.
  2. Media Keys can be staked from 30 different wallets, each then being associated with 1 particular Publishing Channel.
    1. If an individual clicks a bad link and compromises their wallet, get’s their Publishing NFT stolen ~ they will not be able to access their channel[s] again unless they purchase/have access to that specific Media Key. However, they could disconnect their wallet from the malicious source and continue to receive payout for any ADCOMMs on their channel.
    2. Really emphasize to people that they should start their channel using a cold wallet with singing capabilities, because if they want to switch later they will not be able to combine channels COLD WALLET SPONSORSHIP
    3. The market would figure itself out, with people working privately to send Media Keys to one-another for collateral-eth [you will setup a swap/exchange area of your NFT Marketplace]. Otherwise one would only sell a Media Key when they were done publishing to their channel forever…retiring.
    4. 10k Media Keys x 30 Channels each = 300,000 Genesis channels…I think this is the best model.
  3. Has a roadmap to decentralization but starts very centralized.
  4. Pays viewers in the native $TOKEN for every minute of ASMR they watch, and 2x pay while watching advertisements
  5. has a 24/7 stream showcasing Smol Media advertisements right at the top-center of the home page [2x pay for watching this stream, nice]
  6. will be the model for the decentralized future of advertising
  1. Sponsors a decentralized NFT Marketplace for ADCOMMs, or advertisements/commercials
    1. Commercials will be filmed at Tampa Warehouse and then the videos tuned into NFTs
    2. NFTs will be launched on in-house marketplace, where consumers can buy-in to adverts which they believe are the “good ones”. When minting an ADCOMM NFT on the platform, you will be signing a leasing agreement with SMOL Media, and so technically you do not own the NFT, you are only leasing it, but we still can’t call it back.
    3. Sublease will be allowed, and actually cannot be prevented ~ whoever buys your ADCOMM NFT, is the person who buys it 🤷‍♂️.
      1. Individuals can mint commercials [ADCOMM NFTs], and then use them upon their Publish Channel [Media Key required], or they can put their ADCOMMs on the marketplace, and individuals that do have a publishing channel can buy them, which is actually considered a sublease. OR the buyer [subleaser] can sublease to another individual, who could then sublease to another individual, until the ADCOMM is staked as part of a publishing channel. No sublease rev after 10 subleases ~ so the 11th person to buy any ADCOMM needs to be a creator.
    4. This is setting the precedence for the future of advertisements. Giving consumers a chance to be involved in the business, which will ultimately shape the future of commercials. A Crypto Native individual will mint an ADCOMM for, say, 0.02Ξ and immediately put it on the market for 0.1, where it is bought up 12hours later by an induvial with a Creator Channel. The Creator will STAKE the ADCOMM and start earning Ξ from the ADCOMM Sponsor at a rate of XΞ per minute of watchtime [during the ad].
      1. SPONSOR will pay out to multiple parties ~ SMOL MEDIA : ASMRTIST IP [actor in the commercial] : LEASER : SUBLEASERS : CREATOR. Each minute of view time is counted and stored on the blockchain, and then once per month there will be a snapshot for how many minutes of watch time each Edition of each ADCOMM NFT has, and then fund will automatically be withdrawn from the Sponsors wallet and sent via [highly optimized] smart contract to all parties associated.
      2. Instead of paying creators upfront, you are giving them an opportunity to build a strong, lifelong residual income. SMOL Media, Asmrtist IPs, Leasers and Subleasers will make the same across the board, but Creators will be paid per their individual views on their individual videos. This will REALLY encourage creators to get involved in the flow of Ξ thru the system. The MAX way is to ~ Work with SMOL Media as the featured Asmrtist in one of the ADCOMM productions, and then mint [one per wallet, always] their own ADCOMM on the marketplace, and then STAKE their own ADCOMM on their own channel! So they will be betting paid 3 ways, which will be 75% of the money! WOWZA! Imagine if YouTube creators got 75% of their own Ad Revenue? [also had to pay 0.02 eth to access the Ξ flow tho]
  • This will breed a healthy market of degens coming in, and mintleasing the ADCOMMs they believe are the best, and then subleasing them to Creators within the platform [imagine when it moves outside the platform tho].
  1. Sponsors will work with SMOL media to setup their wallet and learn how the ecosystem works, so there is often times where you will be onboarding large companies JUST so you can work with them ~ Corporate Onboarding is a free service you should offer. Sponsors will agree to Smart Contracts with IRL Legal Agreements before they are published, and will keep paying your creators as long as those entities remain in business.
  2. Creators are paid PER MIN OF WATCH TIME, and then all other parties are paid based on portions of this, so if an ADCOMM is published with 3 editions, and then minted [0.02] to 3 different wallets, and all 3 stake the ADCOMM on their channel ~ Creators will be paid 0.00001Ξ per minute of watch time [varies depending on contract], and the Asmrtist will be paid 10%, Smol paid 5/10%, OG Lease will get 5% and if subleased will get 5% divided by all subleasers. Creator will get 75% of the adrev for their total plays WOWZA. For the Sponsor, this is equal to 300%. Leasers and Subleasers are paid out of the 300% equally, so if you lease an Ad and then Stake it/sublease it, even if your version of the ad doesn’t do well, if an iteration of that NFT gets a lot of views, you will receive payout. Creators only receive payout for views on THEIR ADCOMM NFTs.
  3. If you buy an ADCOMM that has 10 subleases you can still stake it and earn creator income, but you won’t earn the lease/sublease income [which is otherwise default].

Might update this later,

x. Spark Twain