Dear Readers,

If you are finding this page ~ first of all ~ let me just say thank you for being interested in my art. It means the world to me that so many beautiful souls read my writing. Seriously. I Love Yall!

You read my writing because it is authentic.

It is for this reason of authenticity that I have decided to protect the ST Blog behind a paywall.

For those of you who love me and love my work, I hope you find it in the curiosity of your heart to keep reading my writing, even thought I am charging a subscription fee these days. 

The price is fair. This subscription model is not something I came up with in a rush ~ I spent months contemplating if it was the right thing to do.

I decided, because of the nature of what I write, a subscription is totally warranted. 

I only offer yearly subscriptions, and the price is $100. There are several ways you can subscribe.

The best way is to subscribe using one of the buttons above! You will be taken to PayPal, and you’ll see that the amount you are paying is $100, and that is how you will confirm you’re proceeding in the correct direction. After you signup through PayPal, I will email you the information you need to login and read the ST blog! 

You can also subscribe directly using Venmo or Cashapp.
To subscribe, please send the subscription amount [using the above links],
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This process will not be immediate! After you send the subscription requirement, you can expect to receive your login information within 24 hours. 

If you have any issues, or would like to ask some questions, you can reach out directly through the contact page!

Or, just hmu.

Thank You for your time,

x. ST