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dlnyz hze

Dlnyz Hze

My Wookie Debutante! That sounds weird. I’m rolling with it. You know what they say! The rolling stone gathers no moss. I’m rolling stoned. I’m rolling stoned heretic.

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Cape Coral Pkwy

I am writing to you from Starbucks on Cape Coral Pkwy, in Cape Coral Florida. Surprisingly there are busses that take me all up and

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Yesterday I met a woman I thought might really be my equal, and that I might really be able to fall in love with.  

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The time is 04:50 and I am writing to you from MBSB. Really, I don’t need to be here, with my keyboard out, writing,but I

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My paranoia is getting the best of me. Or it isn’t. That’s the thing about having the knowledge that you’re a paranoid person…it is only

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The time is 04:43 in the morning, and this is one for the blog only, as it will not be saved anywhere else. Foolish? Yes.

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