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Flip edoM

The time is 09:04 and I am writing to you from Satellite Coffee, which is on Route 66, but nobody in the city of Albuquerque talks about anything that way.

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duke city witchcraft

Duke City Witchcraft

The time is 08:43 and I accidently just thanked a robot. I think we’ve probably all done that. I know that that is not the first time I have thanked a robot for doing it’s…job. Do robots have jobs?

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Left Em High-n-Dry

The time is 06:21, and there is a gentleman sleeping on my couch right now. Cheers to knowing he won’t steal anything because my vibes are just too damn good.

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Afternoon of July 3rd 2021 MTCR

The time is 16:21 and I am writing to you from MTCR. I just got of work, like, 15 minutes ago. I made myself some onion rings and ate them on the way here…it was a terrible decision

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King Of Procrastination

Just went and had a pee, but I can tell I’m going to have to let a sick fart rip soon. Oh! And I brought a load of laundry with me and I am going to stop and do laundry at the mat before I have to work today.

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june 18th 2021 mtcr to ihatov

June 18th 2021 ABQ

The time is 01:36 in the morning and I am writing to you from my house. When left to my own devices, I can end up sleeping at some very strange hours. I’ve been stuck in phone zone for like 2 hours, tbh.

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