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dlnyz hze

Dlnyz Hze

My Wookie Debutante! That sounds weird. I’m rolling with it. You know what they say! The rolling stone gathers no moss. I’m rolling stoned. I’m rolling stoned heretic.

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KCBS March 9th

The time is 23:32 on March 9th, and it’s 2021 ~ for all of us. The day is nice. Not cold, that’s forsure. The doors are wide open. Delaney is making drinks, but she’s not having to bust her ass right now, and I’m sure she is enjoying that.

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Blog Post About Love

Better Yet, I Know

I write to you with passion in my veins, and hope in my heart. Southwest Florida is pretty damn cool yall, I can’t even lie about it. I’ve been going to this place called Kava Culture Kava Bar in downtown Fort Myers…and it’s so lit.

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Yesterday I met a woman I thought might really be my equal, and that I might really be able to fall in love with.  

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Did I tell you about this girl I sat next to on the bus this weekend? I don’t recall her getting on the bus, but

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Wedding Day!

Today is wedding day! I am uber excited! I began the day with some eggs and a bagel. I feel so-so about it. The eggs

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