ASMR as a Form of Meditation

Do you remember in school, when all fell silent except for the sound of pencils scratching over paper? Perhaps the sound of those collective pencils

An early evaluation of Seattle

Seattle has an abundance of homeless people. I have been in the city for nearly a month now, and encountering a homeless individual is a

Welcome, Facebook Friends

Today I have been doing a little work to the website itself. I updated the font, but am not sure it will stick around. Also,

Writing and Readership Basics

One is a writer of words, yes? One will lead a agathokakological life. Balancing the creativity of a writer and the shrewd tact of a business professional

Writing, and the internet.

The elasticity of mankind is held together by many threadworks, and any writer of words should consider themselves a builder and bonder of these threadworks.

Dissecting HeartofZeus Philosophies #2

Global connectivity is a concept that roots far back into humanity’s adolescence. It began before the Roman Empire, and every individual since the dawn of

San Antonio to: Seattle

The vast journey began on June 14th when I ended up in Austin Texas. A pleasant city and one I would travel to again, despite