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GC morning of 420

Green Cup ~ Morning of 4/20

The time is 10:49 and I am writing to you from Green Cup Café. One of my friends is here, and I usually only see him at kava, so it’s a nice change. I’m spending too much money at this café haha,

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love on the rocks

Love On The Rocks

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Yeah. Maybe I don’t know nothin’ about that teamwork. Or, maybe I know more than most. It’s not impossible to tell.

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milwaukee day

April 14th ~ Milwaukee Day!

Today is 4/14, which means it’s Milwaukee day, because 414 is the Milwaukee area code. I was born in Milwaukee, at Children’s Hospital. I was breech, born by C-section at about five in the afternoon.

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platinum birthdays

Platinum Birthday’s

El diablo cultura es supremo, muchacho This is a senseless sentence, but I just ate some [pretty bad] huevos rancheros, and so ig I’m just feeling a vibe haha. I never actually thought about the fact that I might be able to speak Spanish, until I went to Vietnam, then I realized damn, if this was Mexico at least I could ask where the bathroom is.

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beats of the streets || el burrito flash


OH! I almost forgot to tell you! BEATS OF THE STREETS IS TONIGHT! Woohoo! That’s what I’m going to title this article. Idk why I didn’t write about that earlier in the week.

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cosmic thursday march 18

Cosmic Thursday ~ March 18th

What is it, you know? We hangout everyday. I have a lot of things running around in my head. I could do a lot. I have a little bit of power, and a little bit of anything is dangerous.

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Anyway…I am not so sure I am going to go to this Ja Rule show tonight…I mean I could…but will I? It all gets decided right now.

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