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Reinstation Proclamation

Tomorrow they resume the mask mandate in New Mexico, and I’ve thought about just going back to Florida haha. Travel has become integrated into my life so heavily, that I understand myself to be able to get up and go ~ from

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$whale okay then

There are a million and ten thoughts running through my head right now. I still have the Whale Discord open in the background.

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Flip edoM

The time is 09:04 and I am writing to you from Satellite Coffee, which is on Route 66, but nobody in the city of Albuquerque talks about anything that way.

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duke city witchcraft

Duke City Witchcraft

The time is 08:43 and I accidently just thanked a robot. I think we’ve probably all done that. I know that that is not the first time I have thanked a robot for doing it’s…job. Do robots have jobs?

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