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Missed Connections Got Me Like

How is it, that I can not figure out how to talk to women? Ugh. I feel a hunger within my rousing to the surface haha. Yo. I just saw a really beautiful woman at La Montanita, and I could tell that

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Is This The One?

I dropped my stuff off at home, smoked a bowl, and then proceeded to Walmart. I knew I needed dixie cups and I was considering getting a pitcher…

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Memorial Day Ramble

Remember that part at the end of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back where they fly around and kick everyone ass that left them a shitty comment? Hahaha. Oh boy! That’s a good ending to that movie. Perhaps the perfect movie. Kevin

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expressing espresso 5

Expressing Espresso 5 @MTCR

This is expressing expresso, a series of blog posts where I write directly into wordpress ~ without backing these pieces of writing up ~ and I expect you to back them up for me.

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Humble to MTCR – May 21st & 22nd

I recently started listening to Nipsey Hussle, and I’ll tell you, he immediately rose to be one of my favorite rappers of all time. When I first listened to him, right after The Weeknd dropped his name in a song, idk…

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Check This Cray Out

What do you think? Is kr@tom dependency really on the rise? Check out this article which says exactly that! Idk tho…I think it’s saving lives. hmu@sparktwain and let me know that you think of the article! x. Spark Twain

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expressing espresso 3

Expressing Espresso 3

Welcome to Expressing Espresso 3 ~ what makes this series of blogposts significant, is that I write them from within WordPress. So, I have no copy saved to my computer! If you care about what I do, and want to help preserve

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