Who Is Spark Twain

I’ve always wanted write a book, but I knew I wouldn’t become a great writer if I didn’t practice. Late spring 2017 I started a blog under the name HeartOfZeus, and I started it mostly just because I wanted a place to receive criticism on my writing. In April of 2019 I was sitting in Vietnam smoking a joint, and it struck me: “Spark Twain…that’s who I am.” So I bought the domain, stopped using the old site, and started using the new one. Now I’ll be Spark Twain forever…let’s hope I did the write thing.

Since July of 2018 I haven’t drank any alcohol, and since October of 2017 I haven’t smoked any cigarettes, which are two big accomplishments for me.

In November 2018 I left my home country for the first time and I went to India, followed by Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. I traveled for 4.5 months in total, but literally forgot my glasses at home.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the writing I have for you on this site. It is mostly for entertainment purposes, be it philosophical in natural, or educational. Comical…

ASMR.Community is another blog I run, about ASMR and using ASMR to overcome addiction.

Thank You for your time,

Spark Twain